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In the publishing world and not only there, everyone would love to be able to design a magazine like National Geographic.
Astonishing pictures of wild landscapes, dramatic scenes from countries in deep turmoil, expressive portraits of people all over the world and breathtaking outer space stills are just some of the things that first come to mind when talking about their magazines.
We’ve outlined some steps for you to rival their design skill and prowess, now let’s go take a look at them.


We are back with our next guest for the “In the spotlight series” and this time we have interviewed Oumar Ramjean who is a Senior Graphic Designer at LUX* Resorts & Hotels. Oumar has kindly immersed us in the wonderful and exotic world that LUX* Resorts offers to anyone that travels to any of their destinations, as well as revealed what goes behind the scenes of his everyday job. Continue reading

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Writing, and especially good writing is a complex process and can be quite an overwhelming one. Have you ever heard about writer’s block? If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know there’s no fun in that. And although it can happen to anyone, there is a known truth: writing skills can be taught, and more importantly, you can improve your writing skills. And what better time to do that than in summer when you have plenty of time. Here are 5 tips we have for you on how to improve your writing skills this summer. Continue reading

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Sharing your work with the rest of the world can be quite a challenging step. Especially if you’re working in a creative field. If you’re still having doubts regarding how you should present your work, then search no more. A digital portfolio is all you need, and in this article, I’ll walk you through some of the most important tips you need to know in order to create a stunning portfolio.

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We continue our “In the spotlight” series with Sabine van Roosmalen, Marketing & Online Manager at Mayke. We had the pleasure to have her take us in a short journey into the Mayke brand, a “shoe heaven” as they like to call it, and we couldn’t agree more! Continue reading

double page layouts

If you’re new to the publishing world or just never put a name to what you were already doing, you might ask yourself what is editorial design? If you publish content regularly, try to maintain a creative unity across all your content and have a strategy to share this content with your readers then you’re already practicing editorial design.

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Erin Knowles is our next guest for the interview series. She is a graphic designer at Lazybones and has revealed to us the story of the brand, what it is like to work at Lazybones and some insights into her day-to-day job. Continue reading

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Mood boards help you awaken your creative buds so that you have an inspiration source. On the other hand, they help others ‘get inside your head’ as they show your intended vision for a piece of work.
That being said, here are some tips that help you create a great mood board and also some things you might want to avoid.


In our previous article, we discussed everything about how to start a digital magazine. But once you figure out all of this, you need to monetize your publication and this can be quite a challenging step. To help you, we’ve put together six tips that will guide you not only to sell your digital magazine but also to do it cleverly.