cover story of the catalog

It’s interesting to discover the history of catalogs. They are an essential part of the shopping experience and we can’t imagine our life without them. Keep on reading to find out when and why the first catalog was created, which ones are the longest-lasting or most popular catalogs; and also to see how they developed from the past till present.

book cover series design

A book cover has always been a life-or-death choice. Especially when we’re talking about book cover series. It’s really not an easy job to design them, but it’s also not impossible. With the proper toolkit and some tips and tricks, you cand do it by yourself. Keep in reading for some amazing pieces of advice!

Free March 2019 Wallpaper Calendar

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. And this year is no different than any other, ‘cause March is almost here and we couldn’t be happier! Let’s celebrate together with our new free March 2019 wallpaper calendars! March is definitely a happy month! The freezing winter is finally gone, the days are getting […]

8 interesting school magazine topics

School magazines are a great source of information and entertainment, but also a great opportunity to get some work experience. What starts as a hobby might become a successful career as a journalist. This article is all about school magazine topics you can write about. Let’s have a look.

In the spotlight: 10 questions with Arthur -Marketing Manager at QL Hotels & Restaurants cover

We continue our interview series with Arthur – Marketing Manager at QL Hotels & Restaurants. If you’re on the lookout for an authentic getaway while enjoying the best wine and dine experience, then this article is a must-read. Enjoy it!

best books of 2019

It’s said that books play an important role in our lives. Couldn’t agree more. When we open a new book, it’s like we’re also opening a new world. And we, here at Flipsnack, have this tradition to recommend some book titles for the current year. This time we’ve chosen 15 best books of 2019. I promise you, they’re all very interesting and entertaining. Take your pick and start reading!

magazine cover templates

How much can a cover influence the popularity of a magazine? How difficult it is to create a spectacular magazine cover? Where can we find some magazine cover templates to get our inspiration from? The aim of this article is to answer best all of these questions.
We’ve chosen 10 stunning magazine cover templates that will hopefully become your source of inspiration! If not, just ignore or delete them and enjoy the covers! Have a look!

cover december calendar

It will be December in just a few days, so everyone should say goodbye to the colorful autumn and welcome the frosted winter. December is the month that marks the beginning of the coldest season and anticipates the holidays. It symbolizes the time of celebration, scarves, warm clothes, carols, Christmas decorations and beautiful lights all […]

books vs. ebooks

I can say that books vs. ebooks is an overrated subject. Regardless of the format, what matters is the process of taking time for yourself te read. The best part of books and ebooks is the fact that everyone can choose freely whichever version they prefer. So, what do you think? War or coexistence? Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of books and ebooks!