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Today we’re sharing with you an interview with SPA de Québec. We noticed they get a lot of views on their flipbooks and we know it’s something that many of you want to achieve. So we decided we should talk to June Gormley, which is in charge of Communication and marketing projects at SPA de Québec, to find out more about who they are and how they promote their flipbooks.

SPA de Québec was founded in 1875, and it operates in the Greater Québec City area. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for domestic animals by contributing to their health, well-being and safety, while educating and informing the population about the importance of animals’ lives. The organization collects animals abandoned by their owners and the stray animals of the municipalities with which it has agreements.

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The veterinarian Dr. Toussaint, at work

How did you come up with the idea of producing the “Adoption-chats” brochure?
June: For years we’ve been presenting animals for adoption on the SPA de Québec website. In recent years, we started looking for a quicker solution to integrate descriptions and pictures of new animals on our site. At first we used a PDF file, but not everyone could find it. With the help of our computer company, we found Flipsnack!

How do you share it with people? / What did you do to get close to 100K views on your brochure?
June: In fact, we just update the file every morning to display the new cats available for adoption. Occasionally we share it on our Facebook page (it has close to 25,000 followers).

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One of the adopted animals

How important is it for SPA de Quebec to have an online presence?
June: It helps us in various ways: to get our animals adopted, to collect donations, to promote the animal shelter, to promote the good actions we do for the animals we welcome, and so on.

Do you plan to create more brochures in the future?
June: Not at the moment.

What is your favorite thing about Flipsnack?
June: The fact that it’s easy to use!

For more details about the SPA de Quebec, visit their website.

Thank you June and the entire team of SPA de Quebec for using Flipsnack, and for accepting our interview invitation! Check here another interesting case study!

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