Gift catalog

Whether we like it or not, holidays are just as much about spending money as they are about spending time with our families. According to statistical data, small and medium-sized businesses and retailers make 20 to 40% of their annual sales in the last two months of the year. Also, about 55% of the people […]

Narnia Books

How often are you creating downloadable digital content such as tutorials and ebooks? How many tools have you used for creating them and finding a tool to display them in the nicest way possible? Whether you are conducting a digital content marketing campaign, you are a teacher, a student or in need for some business […]

Influencer thought leader

Succeeding as a marketer means labeling yourself as a leader rather than a follower. Of course, this revelation can be incredibly daunting for those just starting out in the marketing world. Likewise, those trying to garner more attention for themselves or their product often feel like they’re spinning their wheels when it comes to growing […]

publishing gone digital

Despite the hysteria that publishing is on its deathbed, publishing is alive, well and strong. It has merely taken a transformational path and merged into the digital world. This merger has enabled publishers to use the evermore-evolving digital platforms to make publications fiercer, more powerful, and more influential than ever before. The transformation from print […]

Flipsnack for photographers

Today we’re sharing with you a review from Amanda, photographer at Cream Photography. She has recently found us and shared with us how she uses Flipsnack to promote her photography business. After rebranding my company last year, I have impatiently waited for a gap in my work schedule to design new brochures each highlighting a […]

guest posts

Thank you for your interest in writing for our blog. Writing for us is a great opportunity for you to present your opinions and get featured on a blog that has thousands of readers each month. We get a lot of pitches for articles, so we’ve become increasingly picky about accepting them. If your article does […]