brand storytelling examples cover

Brand storytelling is just a fancy syntagm that represents what a brand is all about. The story behind, if you want to put it in simple words. In this article, we analyze 10 brand storytelling examples. So, next time when you’ll think about writing stories about your brand or mission, you’ll have a starting point. Enjoy the article!

marketing ebooks

Ebooks represent great marketing tools nowadays and many marketers take advantage of them. Let’s talk about that, and how to create an ebook together, just as the professionals do. There’s no rocket science in the whole process. If others have succeeded, then what makes you think you couldn’t? Keep on reading if you’re interested in this topic.


Typography font is a different realm of design all on its own. You can load up your publication with beautiful visuals, striking colors, and the best content you can ever imagine, but if the font is off, then the whole thing is off. Keep on reading this article to discover some gorgeous typography fonts that you can use for your publications!

The impact of e-catalogs. A 2019 study

It was very interesting for us, here at Flipsnack to see why and how our premium users are using e-catalogs in their marketing mix. In 2019, going digital with your catalog is a must. If brands like IKEA or H&M are making a total shift towards digital, it means that it’s time to step your game up. See how you can do this!

interactive catalogs: How to increase sales with shopping links

Interactive catalogs are the next big thing. Keeping up with consumer’s expectations is a full-time job in 2019. Especially if you have an eCommerce business. In this article, we will dig deeper into what it takes to design a successful interactive digital catalog to help you boost sales and increase awareness of your products through interactivity. Sounds cool? Keep on reading!

poster design history cover

Poster design art evolved massively throughout the last century. To inspire you a little further, we rounded up a collection of vintage posters, true works of art, some more famous than others. So, let’s find out more about the history of the poster design and maybe give you some creative ideas for your next design.

best restaurant menu design practices

Today, we’re going to be looking at a few design elements that go into making the perfect restaurant menu design. This might be very helpful, especially if you want to come up with a creative and attractive restaurant menu design for your clients. We’ll even go over a few examples to get your taste buds wanting more. Let’s discover them together!

Michael Jackson through magazine covers

This project focused on Michael Jackson’s life throughout magazines. or much of his life, and even 10 years after his death, the media left no stone unturned. Our goal is not to take a stance, but to simply state unbiased and neutral facts. Let’s take a visual ride into Michael Jackson’s unmasked life.

The ingredients to an attractive brand story

An attractive brand story is more than just words on a web page. A brand story is what lets your customers know exactly what you’re all about, and the steps you took to get to where you are today. It’s about telling a story; your story. If you’re curious to find out more, then you should continue reading this article.