For years, the word newsletter has instantly been associated with an email. After all, that’s mostly where all of us interact with newsletters, right? Creating a newsletter, in this case, seems pretty simple, but the honest truth is that there’s a little more to the recipe than just a few words written out in an email. Keep on reading to discover exactly what is and how to create a newsletter.

How top 100 US brands use catalogs in 2019

Do catalogs still work? We tried answering this question in a more recent article where we analyzed the impact of e-catalogs on online engagement and sale conversion. A case study that involved 1000 of our premium users who publish online catalogs regularly, using Flipsnack as a medium to reach their customers. So, here it is, see for yourself how the top 100 US brands use digital catalogs in 2019.


In the world of publishing, magazine mockups and flatplans are essential. They are vital tools that aid in your success without question. There are many steps in creating a magazine, but today we’re going to focus on magazine mockups and flatplans, and a few other bits of information that go along with this topic. Continue reading to see the whole picture!

best mobile apps for publishers

No matter which publishing mobile app you’re going to use (although, we truly recommend the Flipsnack one), keep in mind that content is king. Even if the distribution is nearly as important, your content is what’s going to make readers come back for more. Continue reading this article to discover the best mobile magazine apps for publishers.


When you open up a sales catalog, what’s the first thing that gets your attention? The images. What’s next? When you see something you like, your eyes immediately go to the product descriptions. A good description can sell any product way better than any image can. Continue reading to learn how to make awesome product descriptions!


There are quite a few different file types out there, so how do you know you’re using the right one? To be honest, there are many factors, but this article focuses on EPUB vs PDF. If you’re interested in knowing the difference between them, then we invite you to read the entire article. Enjoy!


Science magazines are something that pretty much everyone can pick up and read. Or, click on and read if it’s online. It’s easy to get caught up in the imagery, the theories, and the tech. These types of magazines inspire others, and that’s why I want to walk you through some of the must-haves when designing the best science magazines. Keep reading to discover some amazing tips!

best prospectus examples

A prospectus is a relevant piece of educational material. They are most often used for schools and universities, but they can also be used as a legal document for many companies. If you’re interested in knowing how to design a prospectus and what to insert within it, then keep on reading this article.

best technology magazines

We are all passionate about technology one way or another. But until we’ll be able to fly around like Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit, shooting laser beams from our hands, we’ll be happy to read the latest tech news. We wanted to help you in this regard, so here it is our list of some of the best technology magazine examples of 2019 that you can read right now. Enjoy!