top flipbooks april

It’s time to share our monthly picks for the top flipbooks series. Last month we had a particularly long blog post, so today we’ll only put a few flipbooks in the spotlight. We’ll share with you a short description of the publication and a layout, to give you a taste of the publication. Enjoy your reading!

top magazines march

As you all know by now, each month we select a few flipbooks to be featured on our blog. We’ve asked each publisher to give us a short intro for their publication, and they kindly replied. You can read their descriptions below each image. They are listed in no specific order. Scroll down to see them all.

top february

The monthly “Top flipbooks” features a collection of beautiful flipbooks that are published each month. There were many pretty publications this February, we couldn’t even review all of them! If you want to take a better look at a flipbook, just click on it. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

top january

We’ve reviewed lots of gorgeous publications this month and then we narrowed it down to 15 flipbooks. Below you can find the publications and the information we got from our wonderful users, in no particular order. If you want to read or view more, just click on each image. Enjoy!

top flipbooks november

We have decided to continue the “top flipbooks” series with monthly posts in which we will feature our favorite flipbooks, made by our users. In addition to a screenshot image and a link, we will also add some information about the publisher and quotes from some of them. Enjoy them all!

april 2015

It’s Friday again folks, so it’s time to feature our favorite flipbooks! It was a great month for Flipsnack, meaning there were many pretty publications and it was tough to pick just 5. Check them out below, and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

flipbooks you love

When we look for beautiful publications for the “top flipbooks of the week” series, we need to check a lot of magazines. Luckily, we only need to see 3 pages to know whether we like a flipbook or not. This is a reminder of how much first impressions matter. We handpicked 3 publications that were designed by pros because we’re sure there’s something you can learn from them. Enjoy!

march 2015

Fridays are great, but flipbook Fridays are even better! There are some super talented people hosting their publications on Flipsnack, and it would be a shame not to check them out. We are inspired by them and we secretly envy their talent. Get ready to be inspired by our favorite publications. Here they are. Enjoy them!

Top flipbooks January 2015

Here are the top 5 flipbooks from Flipsnack that impressed us the most this week. We like them all and it’s really difficult for us to choose between them. So, we’re asking for your help. Please vote for your favorite and help us decide which one is the best!