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We’ve created a digital publishing checklist that shows all the steps you need to take to create an online magazine or book. You need to consider all these aspects when you plan to start your first publication if you want to make it a success. A great publication is the result of a lot of effort and team work.

Digital publishing infographic

1. Find a subject. Research

  • Choose your subject – You can choose to publish a book, magazine, catalogue or brochure, so your subject can be anything, from ideas to actual products.
  • Do some topic research, if necessary – You need to master the topic you are covering in order to be able to produce valuable content. You also need detailed and fresh information about all things connected to your story / article to make a powerful and believable piece.
  • Know your audience – It is very important to know who you are writing for, because you’ll have to adapt to your readers. If you don’t know them, their likes and dislikes, you will lose them.

2. Write the text

  • Write down the main points – Once you have a topic and you’ve done your research you can start writing the text. Start with the main points then add all the necessary details.
  • Organize your information – Keep the information nicely organized in paragraphs and articles.
  • Review – Look for grammar and spelling mistakes while also analyzing the fluidity of the text and other information that might be missing from your texts.
  • Ask for feedback – It’s always a good idea to have someone you trust read and review your articles. They might give you valuable feedback.

3. Choose a publishing format and publishing platform

Formats: DjVu, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, FictionBook, HTML, mobi, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket, Multimedia EBook, Newton Book, eReader, Plain text, Plucker, PDF, PostScript, Tome Raider, OpenXP

Do you already know what type of format you want?

  • Yes -> Perfect, go for it
  • No -> Start with a PDF. It’s super easy to make, it works on multiple devices and you can upload it to different publishing platforms such as FlipSnack, Issuu etc

4. Make the design

Even if you’re not doing the design yourself and you have a designer who will do that for you, you still need to think about the following aspects and give the designer a few pointers about what you want.

  • Choose or buy images – Any publication should have at least 1 image or illustration. Pick images or photos that work well with the text.
  • Pick a color palette – Colors are important because they express feelings, so they should be chosen carefully. you can look for inspiration at
  • Pay extra attention to the cover – We still judge books (or any other publications) by their looks, so make the first impression count.
  • Choose fonts – This is something you can trust the designer with, but if you are the designer, make sure the font is easy to read and appropriate for your content.
  • Use your logo and slogan – If you have a logo or a slogan, make sure they are included.

5. Optimize it for search engines

  • Add a description or summary – When you publish your book or magazine fill in all the fields, such as the description. It will help both people and search engines categorize your publication easily.
  • Add share buttons and links – Interactivity is great, so we advise you to add links to your website and your social profiles  in your publication. You can also add videos and recordings in it, if the publishing platform allows that.
  • Share it on social media – When your digital publication is finished you should try to get more people to view and read it. Facebook, Twitter, G+ and even Pinterest are the places where you should start sharing your publication

Flipsnack is an online publishing platform that allows you to convert PDF documents into awesome digital publications.

We really hope that you find this helpful. If you like it, share it!

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