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This post marks the beginning of a series of interviews. Each month you will get to read an interview with a user that has a beautiful profile. In this one, we’re talking to David Oey, a realtor from Toronto, Canada. He’s using Flipsnack to present his listings.

What makes David’s profile unique is the fact that all his flipbooks are in the same format, and all covers use the same type of template:

  • The address is always in the top left side, written in the same font, size and color
  • The position of the headline is the same
  • There’s a semi-transparent black overlay on images
  • All covers feature the branding at the bottom

david profile
Stylish, right?

His booklets usually include lots of pictures presenting the house, a short description of the property, floor plans, key amenities and contact details. Everything a buyer would be interested to see and know!

Hi David! Congratulations on your beautiful Flipsnack profile. Do you have any help producing your flipbooks?
Yes, I have my webmaster Brian Au who has been able to imbed the flipsnack into my virtual tours – he’s my behind the scenes ‘Men in Black’ secret weapon 🙂

What qualities are needed in order to become a realtor?
Hmmm … perseverance, focus, discipline, professionalism, details and due diligence are must haves for realtors.

How did you get started as a realtor?
I received my real estate license in 2005 from the music industry where I was an artist manager – the skill sets developed in music including managing personalities, expectations and egos (mine included!!!) made the transition from entertainment to real estate advisor quite simple. I had noticed that music as an industry was starting to change with respect to income (illegal downloading of music, fractionated industry associations, lower CD sales) and decided to follow the passion of my Mother, which was real estate .. I should have listened to her when she told me 25 years ago 🙂

What is the most rewarding part about your job?
Having clients turn into close friends .. I am a relationship realtor, not a transactional realtor, and thus my business model is based on 1 to 1, personal service in a boutique white glove atmosphere …

How do your clients find you?
Referrals from previous clients who are happy with my services primarily

How important is it for a real estate agent to have an online presence?
Quite important, especially when considering how international our humble city of Toronto has become (or the 6ix as Drake would like to call Toronto) .. Toronto attracts the world in terms of capital and people immigration – it’s an incredible city and my success has been directly connected to producing impactful marketing initiatives that can be easily disseminated around the world to anyone in the world on any device. Scalability is very important.

How did you come up with the idea of producing flipbooks to present your listings?
I have always thought outside of the traditional box – what initiatives not yet in the Real Estate industry can I incorporate? I have a passion for cars, watches and architecture and I noticed amazing published books that I thought could be incorporated into real estate marketing, and I happened to visit your site one day and brought it up with my designer.

How often do you create flipbooks?
I create a flip book for everyone of my listings… I’m up to 65 books I believe by now …

What is your favorite thing about Flipsnack?
Ease of creation and incorporation into all of my marketing initiatives.

If you need a house in Toronto, you know who to call!
More info at davidoey.com

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