Flipsnack API
July 2, 2015

Flipsnack API release

Not long ago we’ve released a redesigned content editor and we’ve promised you that there are bigger and better things to come. Guess what? We’ve kept our word and today we’re introducing you to the awesome, brand new, Flipsnack API.

What is the Flipsnack API?

Flipsnack API is a set of functions on top of which developers can build an interface through which users will be able access some Flipsnack features. That may sound complicated, but in simpler words, it means that it would allow you to make flipbooks straight from your site, and perform other actions as well. Because it requires our code to connect to your website code, you will need to collaborate with a developer to be able to make that happen.

Here’s what the API would allow you to do on your site:

  • Upload files to create or to update flipbooks
  • Delete flipbooks
  • Retrieve a list of all the flipbooks created by you
  • View statistics for every flipbook separately, or collective statistics for your entire account
  • Get the embed code for a specific collection

The API is available to all Flipsnack Master and Enterprise users, who will be provided with an API key and an API secret key upon their request. If you would like to use the Flipsnack API but you still have questions, let us know. Shoot us an email or talk to us via live chat.

Master users will be limited to 10 API uploads/month, while the Enterprise users will be able to upload more.

We will always be here for you. If you have any technical questions regarding the API, please address them to tech@flipsnack.com

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