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Tired of waiting for your files to convert? Then you’ll love the new & improved FlipSnack upload!

We know how boring it is to wait, wait, wait and wait for your files to be uploaded and converted, so we did something about it.

We created a new way to convert your PDF and JPG files that does the work 10 times faster!

If you’re in a hurry you can also just start the upload, ask to get notified by email when the flipbook is ready and leave! How awesome is that, right? No more wasted time!

Now go ahead and test the new FlipSnack and let us know what you think about it!

Join the conversation! 5 Comments

  1. I have a couple of questions:
    1. What is the number of photos from “my library” that can be uploaded at one time?
    2. Where is the grab button to move the box around with out going through several clicks?
    3. Is there a background color to put behind the text?
    4. Can you bypass all the clicks when you just want to get a photo out of your photo library?
    5. When you click on the text box why do you have to click the edit button? Can you go directly to editing?
    6. Where is the rotate button on the photos?
    7. How do you change the font and size within the text box without it changing all the text?
    8. How to move a box forward or back?
    9. Can you work on the page without having to go in and out of so many click edit boxes and save when you are done with the page. Is there auto save (go back button)?
    10. Can you put all the edit buttons down the side so it is convenient?

    • Hi Jude, thank you for your comment. It has very useful feedback for us!

      1. You can only upload one image at a time (for now).
      2. There isn’t a grab button. You just have to click an element to select it and click again to grab it.
      3. Go to Media -> My library -> Colors
      4. To get a photo out of the photo library go to Media -> My library -> My library and click the Delete symbol
      5. Double click the text to edit it.
      6. There’s no rotate image option. I will add this to the suggestions list.
      7. You can’t change the font and size within the same text box. You will need to create a new text box when you want to change the style.
      8. This is on our to-do list!
      9. I’m not sure I understand the question/suggestion here. There’s an automatic autosave (If you close the window without saving your work, you’ll find the latest version of your work in My FlipSnack) and there’s a previous button after the “preview” step. You can use the preview when you’re done with all the editing and go to publish. We don’t have a save button because it’s pointless since we have the autosave.
      10. This also went to the suggestions list!

  2. Hi,
    is there a BACK / undo button in flipsnack?


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