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UPDATE: We do not accept guest post submissions anymore at this time. 

Thank you for your interest in writing for our blog. Writing for us is a great opportunity for you to present your opinions and get featured on a blog that has thousands of readers each month.

We get a lot of pitches for articles, so we’ve become increasingly picky about accepting them. If your article does not meet our standards it will not be published. If you want to be featured on our blog please read all our guidelines. It will help you save your email pitches from the trash folder.

Having previous articles published on other high-authority websites is a plus, but it’s not a requirement. Anyone can contribute, as long as their article is aligned with our standards.

Guest post specifications


We will only publish unique & original content, which hasn’t been published anywhere else. Please make sure that your topic hasn’t been covered before on our blog. Similar topics are fine, as long as your article brings a fresh, new perspective. Obviously, if your content is accepted and published, you will no longer have the right to republish it or to ask us to remove it from the blog.

We expect a detailed and relevant post, about digital publishing, catalogs, magazines, report, portfolios, newspapers, brochures, flipping books and books. You can write in-depth how-to articles for designers, marketers and business owners of all skill levels, on how to design, write and promote various types of publications, or content for various publications. In addition to how-to guides, you can also write about interesting use cases or focus on inspirational articles, full of examples.

We do not accept off-topic posts or posts that we find unsuitable for our audience.

We reserve the right to edit your article as we see fit.

Your article should be at least 1500 words long. We expect your guest post will be comprehensive, well-researched, and provide actual value for our readers.

You should propose a relevant focus keyword / key-phrase, and that key-phrase should be naturally integrated in your article.


Do not include affiliate links! If we find affiliate links in your submission, we will remove them completely from your blog post. We reserve the right to remove spammy links or links that aren’t useful for our readers.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you from using links in your article, because some links are actually benefiting readers.

You are allowed one link to your website or social media profile within the author bio.

Grammar and formatting

Please send us well-written articles, with proper grammar and formatting. We will not accept posts that show a lack of control of the English language.

You can send us images, but they must be properly credited. We reserve the right to use a different image than what you send us, if we find your image unsuitable.

If we don’t reply back, it means that we’re not interested. 

We do not create guest accounts on our blog, so you will have to contact us via email to send your pitch for approval.

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  1. Appreciate all efforts by the flipsnack team

  2. Bom dia

    Eu gostaria de obter um arquivo di teste para dowloas. Para eu saber se este arquivo que vou gerar vai ser bom para eu inserir no meu site ou no meu tablet off line.

    Poderia me ajudar? pode ser qualquer arquivo que seja gerado pelo programa pois eu pretendo adquirir uma assinatura. Porém preciso desta informação para saber se isso vai ser util para mim.


    Jonathan Marc

  3. Nutcracker Ballet Gifts is an ECommerce Online Store, supplying Nutcracker and Ballet Gift products Wholesale and Retail in the US and around the world. We have been creating our online catalog with FlipSnack for several years, and it only gets better every year. Very streamlined and so easy to put together. If I run into something I cannot figure out, the Live Chat help is amazing and never gives up until we have solved every issue. We are satisfied with the stats that FlipSnack provides, and we definitely give a thumbs up to this company!

  4. Buenas tardes, necesitaría saber si, una vez creado el flipbook puedo descargarlo en mi pc para luego reenviarlo desde otro servidor a muchos destinatarios?

    Mucha sgracias.

  5. Olá,
    Eu sou professora e estou trabalhando com os alunos na produção da revista, gostaria de ter acesso ao download da revista para divulgação na nossa escola.
    Também, gostaria de comprar através do boleto, haja vista não trabalho com cartão internacional.
    Prof. Sirlei

    • Hi Prof Sirlei, unfortunately you can’t download the magazine you created in our editor, because our software doesn’t have that feature yet. Even premium customers can’t download and print the magazines they created with our software. We are thinking about developing the download/print solution for all flipsnack magazines, so thank you for sharing your need with us.


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