February 4, 2013

FlipSnack in schools


FlipSnack is a tool that anyone can use to turn basic online publications into stylish, digital flipbooks, and it’s used by more and more teachers who want to bring something fresh and engaging to the educational process.

For example, Mrs. Davis used Flipsnack to create vocabulary booklets. The children used iPads to define each word, then they used Scribble Press to create a picture, the definition and sentence for the word, and finally FlipSnack to present the finished works so everybody, parents and other students, could admire them. It’s also useful to share the link with the parents so that students can read them again at home.

Here’s just one example of the many they did:

school flipbook

FlipSnack is easy enough even for the students themselves, if they have the minimum computer skills.  It would be fun to have students create a book report using FlipSnack.

Another great idea is to use it to display students’ work as a whole. They love seeing their work published whether in a book, website or bulletin board. The teacher can compile all their works, scan them, upload the scanned images onto a google word doc, save as a PDF, and finally upload it to FlipSnack. Such a fun and simple tool to create a class book!

Check out another example of what a teacher, Anthony Chuter, made with his third grade students:

Architectural plans

Here are a few other ideas of what you can do with FlipSnack, but the possibilities are endless:

– Create a flipbook with images of your baby’s first year
– Turn your research thesis into a shareable flipbook that people will want to read
– Make a catalog that shows off all your best items for sale on Etsy
– Write an office manual that new employees can review before starting work

What would you be using FlipSnack for? Share your ideas and flipbooks with us in comments!

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  1. […] terms of teaching, I found this site which focused on students in elementary grade school levels. The teacher used FlipSnack to collate […]

  2. I want to put some children’s books in this wonderful format to be read for free and maybe some other books for sale, not to sure how to proceeded. My site is built with Weebly.
    Edwin Huff

  3. hello, I live in Brazil and excuse my English, I used google translator, I have some doubts, as you can see in my blog (www.turmaitororo83.blogsopt.com.br), will publish a single book, I wonder if buying the 10 points will appear the 192 pages of the file, it will be a lump sum? (do not want to pay every month and not every year for a single file), will be published for how long? which form of payment?

    hugs … watering reply

    In Portuguese / Brazil
    olá, resido no brasil e desculpa meu inglês, usei o tradutor do google, estou com algumas dúvidas, como vocês podem ver no meu blog (www.turmaitororo83.blogsopt.com.br), irei publicar um único livro, quero saber se comprando os 10 pontos irá aparecer as 192 páginas do arquivo, será uma única parcela? (não quero pagar todo mês e nem todo ano por um único arquivo), irá ficar publicado por quanto tempo? quais as forma de pagamento?

    abraço… aguando resposta

    • Hello Neno, if you use 10 points for your flipbook, all 192 pages of the file will appear. You only pay once, and the flipbook remains premium (no limitations) forever.
      If you only use FlipSnack for 1 book, than points is the right option for you!

  4. Am a second year university student at IFM in Tanzania. Well, i find this site very useful. It helped us in our second year project. It was


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