How to promote your flipbook via email (Yahoo, Gmail)

You worked really hard crafting that perfect flipbook and you’d like to promote it now. Distribution is just as important as the content itself. So, you may want to try social media and other channels. Keep in mind, email marketing is also worth trying out.
If you have a solid list of email addresses, Thunderbird or Mailchimp are good options because these platforms support HTML code. However, when it comes to Yahoo mail and Gmail, this is how you can promote your Flipsnack flipbook:

Let’s get started

Your flipbook has seen the light of day and is now ready to conquer the world. At this step, you need to make sure your flipbook is published. This is a vital step in our process.
Here’s how you publish your digital flipbook on Flipsnack:

How to publish a flipbook

Spread the word

Now that your flipbook is published, the next step is to, well, share it.
Go to My Flipbooks – Sharing options, choose Email.
Ok, so here comes the fun part. If you only wish to send your flipbook over to a friend and use only one email address, you can do it directly through our platform. Here’s how you do it:

One email

It’s easy as one, two, three! Simply enter an email address in the email field and click Send Email.
Keep in mind, you can’t enter multiple addresses or upload an email list here. Keep reading if you’d like to see how to promote your flipbook via Yahoo mail and Gmail, using a list of email addresses.
Very important, the texts are editable so you can use any title and description you wish.

Distribute your flipbook using a list of email addresses

You don’t have to be a techie to do this. Since Yahoo mail and Gmail do not support HTML, here’s a simple way to share your flipbook:

  1.  Make a screenshot of your flipbook cover (or any other page, for that matter):
  2. Upload this image in a new email and make sure to click on the image. Keep the button pressed, slightly attempt to drag/move the image (this will turn the image blue and keep it so. Refer to the video below):
    Dragblue gif
  1. Click on the insert link button and paste the link of your flipbook (see image):

Full screen link

You can choose between the link of the flipbook on Flipsnack or the full-screen reader URL.

3. So that you can actually make your emails look professional, we designed a PSD file that is fully editable. Download here.

PSD file

After you’ve personalized this image, make sure to insert your flipbook link in email (as explained in the video above) and that’s it!

Send email

This is how you promote your flipbook on Gmail and Yahoo mail.
That’s it, really! You honestly don’t have to be a techie to do this. It actually requires zero effort and talent.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.