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Our colleagues from the support team told us we should make a tutorial on how to replace a PDF page in Flipsnack, because that is something more of you have inquired about. So here is how you can do that:

1. Upload all your files to Flipsnack

Did you upload the replacement page? If you haven’t, please do that, and make sure the “Merge all files into one” box is checked.

2. Open the content editor

Click “Edit content” to open the so-called content editor. Here you will be able to add links, buttons and other interactive elements in your flipbook, but more importantly, here’s where you can delete and rearrange pages.

3. Delete the page you want to replace

pages bar

All pages appear in order in a small pages bar. If the page you want deleted is 76, click the right arrow until you get there. Select the page you want to delete (you might use a different numbering system than the one used by Flipsnack – we count the cover as page 1. To delete the page click “Delete page“.

4. Find the replacement page and move it

The replacement page you uploaded will probably be at the end of your publication. Get there using the arrows. When you find the page drag it to where it belongs. We only show 10 pages in the navigation bar, so if you want to take page 76 and move it between pages 8 and 9, you could drag the page over the left arrow and keep it there until you see the pages 8 and 9 appear in the pages bar, then drop it right after page 8.

If you want to replace a page with a new blank page

  • decide where you want the new page to be
  • select the page you want to replace
  • click “Add page
  • delete the page you wanted to replace (previous page)

Hope this solves one of your publishing problems. Let us know about other issues or questions.

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