Zipeng Zhu interview
December 13, 2016

Interview with Zipeng Zhu

Today we are featuring an interview with Zipeng Zhu, art director and graphic designer. His style is exuberant, colorful, “a razzle-dazzle musical”, as he would describe it. He did an internship with Paula Scher and got hired by Sagmeister & Walsh just before graduating.  We’re super impressed by his resume, so we felt honored when he agreed to do the interview with us.

What’s your greatest satisfaction in being a designer?
The greatest satisfaction for me would be the ability to express myself / my value / my point of view through my work.

Do you ever suffer creative blocks? If so, how do you get through them?
Creative blocks happen super often, I normally just keep working till I come up with something. (I do take breaks just not think about it sometimes, walk around neighborhood helps)

What are your favorite design books or magazines?
Favorite design book (at the moment): COVER by Peter Mendelsund

Do you prefer working with a team or alone? Why?
I prefer working with either myself or with a very small team. I just think it’s more intimate and more manageable, makes the communication easier and more clear.

You’ve worked on various design projects including packaging, typography, branding, illustration, print, film, editorial. Do you have a favorite type of project?
I don’t, and that’s why I do so many different kinds of projects.

We loved your Valentina Kova lookbook. How do you define good editorial design?
I think good editorial design expresses the content without overshadowing it.


Any advice for an aspiring designer?
Be honest and real to your own self.

Name one thing on your bucket list.
Probably direct a music video.

Would you like to see more of his work? Check out his website or follow him on social media
Twitter: @zzdesign
Instagram: @zzdesign

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