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We first launched Flipsnack to simplify publishing. We’ve come a long way since then and you’ve helped us grow, by sending us lots of useful suggestions.

Today we’re making Flipsnack even more powerful and exciting by launching Flip Corporate! The Flip Corporate publishing plan costs $288/year or $39/month has new awesome features. Our Snack Business users can take advantage of all these features without having to pay extra:

  • Branded reader – Use your own brand logo in the Flipsnack widget to help build brand awareness.
  • Password protection – Protect classified business information by limiting the publication access to employees or specific other people who have the password from you.
  • Advanced, all-time statistics – the new stats are very thorough and they have the potential to turn flipbooks and catalogs into valuable marketing tools!
    You will be able to check impressions, views, average time spent, downloads and shares for your flipbook or collection, as well as link or button clicks, location and devices. As corporate user you will have unlimited access to all this important data. Of course, advanced stats prior to this date aren’t available, since we’ve just implemented the new tracking system.

Get the Flip Corporate subscription today or upgrade your existing subscription & pay the price difference!

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  1. So… I have been using Flipsnack a bit differently. I work in business development and to this day there is not a solution to simply upload a PPT and send a link to a prospect in an email. I’m not going to send a stranger an attachment either. The objective is to allow the prospect the ability to view certain sections of my “overview” so I can get a sense as to what they are looking for. Is this something which might be possibly implemented? Being able to see stats per PAGE would COMPLETELY give you the advantage with the biz dev crowd. I will show you a personal overview I put together so you can see for an example. GREAT tool. I can sell it into my organization… just need a bit more analytics 🙂 Blake Allen Overview:

    Also…. would love to one day see my work on your blog. LOL.

    • Hi Allan, thank you for all your suggestions and the general review.
      About one of your requests: we do offer page stats but we will work on offering even more in the future!


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