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At this time last year we went fully-HTML5 on you, replacing old and slow Flash technology with new and improved HTML5. We were only focused on giving you the best technology available so we didn’t change the overall look of the widget. This year we’re excited to announce our new modern widget that will give your publications a freshly polished look.

What we did. Visual changes

The old widget was slightly intrusive and failed to provide a compelling reading experience. So we decided to design a new widget specifically to address these issues. Your suggestions really helped us. Here are some of the visual changes that you will immediately notice.

  • A cleaner and more polished look – We’ve dumped the old menu bar that more often than not created confusion among your readers. We merged the and buttons and the bottom thumbnails into an elegant, thin and subtle new slider that looks gorgeous. We gave the zoom bar the same visual treatment and we changed the standard background color.
  • The share, download & search buttons – We’ve moved share, download & search to the top left corner. On the new widget your readers have much easier access to these features as they are more visible.
  • A new fade-out effect on all controls – To add an extra layer of finesse to the new look and feel of the widget we also added a bit of functionality. There is now a complete fade-out on all controls after exactly 3 seconds of inactivity. Very smooth and very clean.

Use the slider on the image below to compare the before and after images.

What we did. User experience changes

    • Fast access to the share, download and search –  The new placement of the share and download buttons makes it a lot easier for your readers to distribute your publications on the web. Sharing is now more obvious and less obtrusive.
    • Removed collection display “Less is more” was a leading principle in our redesign. That’s why we removed flipbook collections from the classic widget. They are now exclusively a shelf widget feature. Uploading multiple PDFs in the classic widget will be merged automatically.
    • Centered first and last pages – God is in the details and small changes can have a lot of impact. The first and last pages of the flipbook will now be centered automatically while before they remained locked in their positions. This was a much requested change.
    • More room for your flipbooks – With this new redesign we decided to make a bit more room for your publications. Flipbooks now cover a larger part of the screen than they previously did while the amount of empty space has been reduced.
    • Page zoom limited to 100% – Zooming in too much can sometimes reveal more bad parts than good. This is why we limited the zoom-in to 100% of the PDF’s size, so your readers don’t see any unpleasant pixelated images. The old widget zoomed up to 400%.
  • 10x better experience on mobile devices – The most notable changes we’ve made can be seen on mobile devices. The slider widget is now gone! This was the most requested change from our users.  We also integrated a smart display technology that automatically displays publications in single page or double page mode based on the the device it’s viewed on for an optimal viewing experience.

Our new widget looks and works smoothly on all mobile devices and is more inline with the desktop experience. The navigation sliders are especially effective and fun to use now! Check out the changes yourself on the flipbook below:

The overall look and feel of the widget

All of the changes we’ve mentioned above have been addressed in order to improve your reader’s experience by providing a much cleaner look to your online publications.

We also want to mention that all of the flipbooks that are already embedded will not be affected by these changes.

I hope you found this helpful and you enjoy the new widget as much as we enjoyed working on it. If you have any suggestions about our product please let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Great! We’ve been using Flipsnack for almost two years on our site and love the updates. Keep em coming!

  2. Is there a problem with the page clarity when one uses the new slider to zoom in? I don’t notice this with the old slider, but on the new one, it seems to either take way too long to bring the text on the page back into focus after zooming, or else it stays blurry without ever clearing up. Is anyone else experiencing this?
    Also, does the new presentation force all publications in a collection into being combined? I don’t have our settings configured that way but am seeing all issues combined in the new presentation as it is being demo’d in the administrative dashboard. I prefer to have the individual publications separate and previous issues available via thumbnail images along the right side of the display, as they’re presented now. With the issues combined, there’s no easy way to find and immediately pull up a previous issue at page 1.

  3. Wow…Very Welcoming improvements! I was hoping that you’d move to HTML5 and glad to see the mobile reading experience has been greatly improved upon.

  4. Strange that my first post isn’t showing anymore. I saw it displaying on the page after I sent it. Oh well. I noted that we wanted to retain individual publications as being displayed separately inside a collection, not have them combined into one publication. The demo version of the new design displaying in my administration dashboard shows the publications combined, even though our configuration is to display individual publications separately in a collection. Also, without the thumbnails of the individual publications appearing along the right side of the display, it’s impossible to access previous issues with one click. Please restore these features if they were eliminated, or let me know here if I’m misunderstanding something. Thank you.

    • Hi Rick, your first comment didn’t get displayed because all comments require admin approval before they get displayed on the page (it’s just an anti-spam measure). I’m going to address both your comments here.
      It seems that we have a bug that affects the page clarity in Safari when readers zoom in. It’s something that we’re working on and it will be fixed very soon. If it happened to you in other browsers, please let us know.
      Regarding the flipbook collections: there will be a way to keep multiple publications separate in one widget, and that is the shelf widget. Right now it does the same thing that you complained about (it merges all publications) but in about 2 weeks, we’ll have that fixed. I hope this answers your questions, and I’m sorry that we have these issues right now.


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