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Starting today, there’s a new way to share your flipbooks.

Do you like how your magazines look in the full-screen mode? There are no distractions, advertising or other elements crowding the page, it’s just your content. Now imagine having a similar display in the browser, because we’ve made that possible!

We created a special type of URL, which you’re going to love. When clicked, it opens the flipbook in the browser, but the way the widget is displayed mimics the look of the full-screen view.

Your readers will not see ads, headers, footers or any suggested publications. Not any of that. All the attention of your readers will be focused on your flipbook alone. The size of the flipbook adapts to the size of the browser window, resulting in a beautiful, clean view. This is a feature that has been required by many of you.

The full-screen reader URL is available with the Corporate and Elite plans. It’s worth an upgrade, and it’s worth switching to Flipsnack if you’re currently using another tool. It’s that good!


A great way to display your content

The truth is that reading flipbooks generally requires entering the full screen. When you share the simple direct link, readers see a miniaturized version of your magazine, which is too small to read.

By sharing the new link, you’ll be doing your readers a favor.

Here’s an example.


Your flipbook. Your settings. Your background color. Your branding. 


How cool is this? To be honest, it’s a 10/10!


How to share the full-screen view

If you currently have a Corporate or Elite subscription, the new feature is hiding in your account already.

There are 2 ways to grab the full-screen reader link:

  1. Go to your collections. Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the flipbook card. Click Open reader URL. Copy the link in the browser, and share it wherever your want.


  1. Go to your collections. Click “sharing options” on the desired flipbook card. Click Privacy. Copy the full-screen reader URL and share it.



We hope you’ll use the new share link to delight readers with your beautiful content.

Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. Thank you very much!! I love the FlipSnack tool, Easy, some functional, high impact results for learning.. my users agree with me!! I will certainly add this mega-feature to my list for publication!! You guys are the best!

  2. Hi there.

    I made my catalogue and shared it with some customers.

    Now, when someone tries to open it, it loads but doesn’t show any page. Is like if it doesn’t have any picture.

    Any help?

    • Hi,

      Please head over to our live chat support team. They will surely help you out with more information once you give them all the details. Find the chat in the right corner of our website.


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