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Starting today, you can use Undo-Redo commands in the content editor.

You made a mistake and want to go back one move? No problem! The Undo button is there for you. You can test things around more freely when you know you can reverse your latest actions. We are sure that these two new functions will help you a great deal while you’re using the content editor.

Both functions are available in the content editor only (where you create the publication page by page or where you add interactive elements to the PDF). So you won’t be able to undo the action of deleting a flip book from your account or other actions that are outside of the content editor.

We allow you to undo and redo up to 10 actions.

Below is a screenshot of the Undo-Redo buttons, so you can see they are located on the right, together with the Copy and Paste functionalities.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • From Windows use CTRL+Z for Undo and CTRL+Y for Redo
  • From Mac use ⌘+Z for Undo and ⌘+Shift+Z for Redo

I hope you enjoy the new release and share the excitement with us. As always, we would be grateful to receive your feedback.

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  1. Thanks for fiinally talking about >Update: Undo-Redo commands in editor <Liked it!


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