Did you know that Flipsnack lets you display your flipbooks in a virtual bookshelf? Well it does and so far it did a good job. However we wanted it to do a great job. Under these circumstances we approached the matter, as we always do, by stepping into your shoes. So find out what we did and why the new version of our online bookshelf is better than the previous.

Core features of our bookshelf

The remarkable thing about the original virtual bookshelf is its highly practical nature. With our tool you can upload any PDF documents on Flipsnack. A couple of clicks later your flipbooks are nicely organised on a virtual bookshelf. Then, you can share the collection on social media. Just use the link we provide for your bookshelf, or embed it on your own website.

This is how you can make your own virtual bookshelf

Let’s presume you’ve already uploaded a couple or more PDFs on your Flipsnack account. If not then go ahead and do it just to see how easy it is. After that come back and take a look at this tiny tutorial on how to make your own virtual bookshelf.


So you’ve uploaded your PDFs or created flipbooks from scratch. All you have to do now is to go to My Flipbooks, click on the Create Bookshelf button and select those flipbooks you wish on your virtual bookshelf. Click Create Now to confirm your desired action, name your bookshelf and finally click Done. The result will be similar to this!

Easy, right?! Glad you find it that way too.

Advantages of using the virtual bookshelf

So in case you have a website, or a blog or an e-commerce shop the online bookshelf will certainly prove to be a useful tool. You can start by sharing with your community valuable free content such as collections of magazines, brochures, guides or presentations.

Though it may appear as such the virtual bookshelf isn’t limited to marketing and business. It can also be used by teachers and professors to share with their students educational documents or reports.

Differences between the old and the new version

Though it was a good new concept, the old version of our online bookshelf had its limitations. Not many but enough to be a nuisance. As a consequence we analysed the situation from all angles. The verdict? We decided it was time to help this feature stand out and optimise its user experience.

Besides being more practical, the new version has all the great functions of the old one and a couple new ones. Our first objective was to optimise the process of selecting and viewing the flipbooks once they were on the bookshelf. Now each one can be opened individually. Then OCD kicked in and we focused on its organising capabilities. Arranging flipbooks in accordance with your preferences became possible.

Before, if you wanted all your magazines on one bookshelf and catalogs or brochures on another you had to choose carefully at step one. Now you can organise everything by simply dragging and dropping files in your online bookshelf as you like.

More than that, now the feature is in plain sight while in the old version it was sort of hidden. Therefore, after investing a lot of time and effort to optimise this feature we’re happy with the results.

Very important to know

Those of you who already made virtual bookshelves with our old version must be aware that they will not be able to add any new flipbooks to the shelf. If you must make some changes to the shelf, we recommend you to save your flipbooks on your computer, re-upload the files as single items, then make a new bookshelf. However, if this is the first time you hear about our virtual bookshelf and you’d like to use it please upgrade to one of our premium plans in case you haven’t done it yet.

To sum everything up, I believe this feature we’ve talked about is a nifty and modern tool. Anyone can use the virtual bookshelf to showcase collections of magazines or catalogs and other similar flipbooks. If you have any suggestions on how to further improve this feature please leave a comment in the comment section.

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