Select, group and lock objects in editor

The new editor is packed with lots of new features that will help you greatly while you design catalogs in Flipsnack.

This week we released new features that let you select multiple elements in the editor and group them together. By selecting and grouping different elements you can edit, copy, move and delete them as one item.

1. Multiple selection

multiple object selection

Just hold down Shift and click the elements that you want to select.

Another way to make a multiple selection is to use the mouse to drag an area around the desired elements. Any object can be selected to be part of a group, so you can group together text boxes, images, shapes, buttons and the rest of the interactive elements. You can already perform actions on your selection, or you can proceed to grouping them.

To deselect, just click anywhere outside the selected area. Alternatively, you can use the layers panel on the right to select and edit an individual object.

2. Grouping and ungrouping

grouping ungrouping layers

As soon as you’re satisfied with how certain objects of your design look together, you should select them and save that selection as a group. You can find that option on the top right as a button. By grouping those elements of design that are ready, you make sure that they stay linked together as a unit. It’s a great way to make sure that you will not accidentally mess a piece of design that you are happy about.

For obvious reasons, you can only group objects from one page at a time.
If you change your mind about a group, or if your want to detach an object from the group, you can easily do that. Just click on any object that is a part of the group and then click the ungroup button which is located in the same spot, on the top right. This will immediately separate all the objects and the group is disjointed.

Grouped objects stay grouped when your catalog is published and then edited.

3. Lock elements

lock object Flipsnack

You can also lock an element or a group in a certain spot on the page. By doing that you ensure that the object can’t be moved from its position.

While an object is locked, you can still perform certain other actions on it, such as changing the color.

Locked objects will stay locked even when the catalog is published and then edited.

Ready to see these functionalities in action? Start designing!

There are other functionalities that you will find useful when you design a brochure: Bring to front, Duplicate and Add object on all pages. All of these are located on the same toolbar as the Group and Lock buttons. While we’re discussing useful functionalities, let’s not forget about Undo-Redo, because these commands are a huge time-saver while you design in Flipsnack.

There are other new exciting features coming soon to the Flipsnack editor. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, let us know your opinion about the new features.

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