Welcome to the age of digital magazines. We’ve come a long way since Gutenberg invented the printing press in the mid-1400s and made written content accessible to the masses. Today, with the help of electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and most importantly smartphones we don’t even have to print content. We can simply upload something online and share it with the whole world. But wouldn’t it be great if you could also capitalize on the content you create? Well, now you can do both right here. See below how you can sell a digital magazine on Flipsnack.

How to sell with Flipsnack

Let’s say you’re an interior designer and also a blogger or you already have a physical fashion magazine, both of you have now the tool and the platform to reach a broader audience and sell your wonderful content worldwide. More than that, you’re in total control. You decide what and when to publish, how much your readers will pay and what exactly will entice them to purchase your digital magazine, not to mention that now you have real-time statistics which will show you how many publications you sold and how you sold them. Here’s how it works:

  • Before you become the next Andrew Heiskell of digital magazines you should know that in order to sell magazines on Flipsnack you must have one of our premium plans (Master, Team or Elite). In order to sell a publication on Flipsnack, you also must be based in a country supported by Stripe, our partner for online payments, and of course possess a Stripe account. See here if your country is included in their list.
  • Each time someone buys your digital magazine Stripe automatically takes out a small transaction fee whereupon your revenue will automatically be transferred to your Stripe account. This is a major difference between Flipsnack, and other platforms which typically charge a percentage of each transaction for this type of service.
  • For better results we suggest you pick a theme for your magazine, one that is specific to one particular activity or domain such as photography, cooking, travel, etc.
  • Readers can purchase your magazine within the preview edition. As we previously mentioned you have total control of the preview, content and price for your publication
  • It goes without saying that in order to be able to sell your digital magazine on Flipsnack you must own the rights over your content. Learn more about copyright infringement on our Terms of Service page

Digital magazine examples

1. Weight Watchers AU

2. AZURE Magazine

3. Maykezine

4. QL Hotels Restaurants

5. andBeyond

6. foundr

7. Discovery Education

8. The Telegraph

9. Modern Bride

10. Neobambu

11. Blumenfeld

12. Familius

13. Paint Magazine

14. SmArt Investor


Clearly the future of published content is digital magazines and now you can make the most of your passion or business by sharing it with the world through Flipsnack and most importantly make a profit. If you want to learn more about how to start a digital magazine read our previous article.

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