how to hyperlink PDF

UPDATE: Now you can just upload your PDF in Flipsnack and add the links within our editor. No need to install anything on your computer or learn how a new complicated software works. Let me present you three simple and smart ways in which you can hyperlink a PDF with Flipsnack: Hyperlink layer. Once you […]

DOC to PDF to Flash

This article will help those of you which work with documents often. We’re suggesting a way to make your documents look even more elegant as flipbooks. Even though you can’t upload your .doc or .docx files straight to Flipsnack, there’s a workaround that will make it work. And it’s very easy. Why make a flipbook? […]

merge PDFs in a single catalog

“Where did I put that paper?!? I know it was here somewhere…” Does this sound familiar? Remember your college days during exams (or maybe you’re there right now), when you had tons of notes spread all over your room in a chaos? Truth is,  that load of paper wastes your time and tries your patience. […]

web compliant colors in PDF

We know you love using Flipsnack to create amazing flipbooks, so we try to make every app as simple as we can, but sometimes it’s not up to us to make everything run smooth. Most of the issues people have with converting PDF files in Flipsnack or Slidesnack are due to the color format of […]

reduce PDF size

Let’s say you create an amazing PDF file. Lots of graphics, images and bookmarks to make it more comprehensive and appealing. But there’s one major nag: enormous file size! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to reduce PDF size in order to optimize it for web. Here are 5 ways to make your PDF smaller: […]

interactive magazines

If you want to transform simple PDF documents into interactive flipbooks, then Flipsnack is the solution for you. The best thing about using Flipsnack is that it’s so versatile. You can use it to create so many different types of interactive flipbooks! This web tool can help you create a quick and impressive presentation, portfolio, magazine […]

new settings

In the past two weeks you may notice some of the new improvements that make Flipsnack even more easy to use and customizable. Some of the new features were suggested by you, some were thought out by us, all of them are designed to make it easier for you to create beautiful flipbooks. So here […]