We’re excited to announce that Flipsnack rocks a new content editor. YAY! All the features you love are still there, but we have designed a new sleek look that will make it easier for you to add interactive elements in your flipbook.

Here are some new things you will find in the updated content editor:

  • Images are no longer in the Media category, they are a separate new category and we have new free stock images for your publications. You can change images with drag and drop
  • You will be able to use shapes, like circles and squares in your publications: resize them and color them pretty
  • We have introduced some tips to help you use the Flipsnack content editor
  • Duplicate page option
  • Copy element, Paste element, Paste to all pages
  • Choose the page orientation right from the start
  • New layouts

But we have more news and more benefits for you.

You can get a Flipsnack 3 months premium license for free! Just test the new content editor, write a review about it (positive or negative) and post it on your blog or website. We really want to know your honest opinion! Then email us the link and we’ll thank you with your premium license.

We will reward all reviewers, so don’t miss this opportunity and get your free Flipsnack license while it’s available!

The offer expires June 30, 2015.

This update is only setting the stage for even better things to come. As always, we’ll keep you updated as new features are released.


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