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Post your feedback regarding our redesigned content editor on Twitter or Instagram, and you will get a 1 month premium subscription on your account, if you follow these rules:

For Twitter:

Your tweet must include the following:

  • #FlipsnackNewEditor
  • your account ID, so we will know what account to reward.

To find your account ID, hover over your name, go to Account options -> Account details and copy your account ID.

For Instagram:

  • post a picture of the content editor
  • use hashtag #FlipsnackNewEditor
  • enter your account ID in the description

If you post multiple times or if you post on both Twitter and Instagram you will still only get 1 month of the Corporate subscription.

This promotion is valid until June 20, 2015.

While you are at it, don’t forget to follow us on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. We will post promotional offers there next time, so make sure you don’t miss them! Besides, we share cool pictures and stuff.


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  1. Hi, we tried Flipsnack and it’s by far the best such tool available. It’s simple, easy and the results are fantastic. We are pitching for a new business and as part of what we are sharing is an e-brochure made using Flipsnack. However, since the free version doesn’t allow more than 15 pages, we are stuck since our PDF is about 25 pages. Is it possible to have a free version for a month that allows us this? Needless to mention that if we get this business we would be purchasing the premium version of Flipsnack, no second thoughts about that.
    Cheers, Syed


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