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We couldn’t help but notice the beautiful wedding invites and brochures you made with Flipsnack. We love all the awesome ideas you guys have.

Future brides and grooms, here’s why you should consider using Flipsnack for your wedding invites, brochures or photo albums:

  • You can share your wedding “flipsnack” easily with anybody. You can even embed it in your wedding website
  • No printing & delivery costs. It’s free (free version is limited to 15 pages, but 15 pages are probably enough)
  • Option to make it private, meaning that only people with link will see it; you can even password-protect it if you upgrade
  • It’s original and creative
  • You can add a lot more content in it than you would in a traditional invitation

Still, the online version might not be enough. You’ll probably need the printed version for guests who don’t use computers or who want to keep the printed version as souvenir.

For the sake of the privacy of the brides and grooms who chose Flipsnack, we didn’t embed any wedding invitations.

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