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You know that we love working on Flipsnack. We love making it grow and adapting it to your needs. So today we’re announcing the release of two features that have been requested by you, dear users, for quite some time.

Clipping masks – This new feature will allow you to display your photos and images in different shapes. You will find clipping masks in the shapes category.
Using them is very easy: drag the desired shape on the page and then drag an image from your library on top of it. You can resize the image and move it around to make sure the mask highlights what you wanted it to.

Custom layouts – There are over 50 page layouts created by us in the FlipSnack editor. Now you can create your own layouts yourself! It’s super easy. Start from the “Create template” button and then modify an existing layout, or create one from scratch. After you save your template it will always be available for your future projects. You will always find it in Layouts -> My templates.

Good to know:

– Free and PRO users can’t create and save templates
– Flip Publisher users can only create up to 10 templates
– Flip Corporate and Flip Business users can create unlimited templates

Now go ahead and create some custom layouts yourself and use some clipping masks.
Let us know what you think about the new features in comments.

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