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Now you can upgrade to our new Team Plan because it’s time to work smarter and faster.¬†Two heads are better than one, says an old proverb, but what if there are three heads? Well, it depends on the heads, really. In all seriousness, teamwork is what propelled our species from prey to the top of the food chain and this will continue to be a universal truth for us throughout our existence.

We simply accomplish more if we labor together. That’s why in the name of synergy we at Flipsnack diligently toiled to create a problem-solving opportunity for all of you and we’re proud to announce that from now on you and your colleagues can opt for our Team Plan which will increase your productivity and help you to better yourselves as a team. Therefore, instead of working harder from now on you can work smarter. Let’s see how!

Everything in Master

First of all by choosing our Team Plan you gain access to all those nifty features included in the Master Plan, which is, in our opinion, the best alternative around in terms of “value for money” if you can single-handedly deal with your current amount of work.

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However, you might’ve recently been assigned to manage a digital marketing specialist and a designer or you and your fellow professors intend to collaborate for the remainder of the academic year, than you’re in for a treat because…

Plus this

Now up to three users can create together wonderful online brochures and magazines using the same plan. Moreover, if you decide to purchase our Team Plan you and your team will have UNLIMITED:

  • Unlisted flipbooks
  • Password-protected flipbooks
  • HTML5 downloads

We know, we’re impressed too but the wooing isn’t over just yet because there’s another feature included in this plan which we believe is pretty darn sweet. Here’s API!

What’s API and what can you do with it?

API allows developers to write applications that interact with Flipsnack from a 3rd party system. The API exposes different methods to manage a single user’s collections, based on an API key provided for that specific user. In other words you can do certain actions from your website that will reflect on your Flipsnack account. These actions are:

  • Upload files to create new flipbooks
  • Delete flipbooks
  • Update flipbook settings
  • Retrieve a list of all flipbooks
  • View account statistics and statistics for flipbooks
  • Get embed codes

With Team Plan your API access includes up to 10 uploads/month which for most users is more than enough but if you discover otherwise please let us know. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us so don’t be shy, we’re here to help.

Upgrade to team plan now!

We think it’s time for you and your team to revolutionize all aspects regarding the way you collaborate and our Team Plan is designed to do precisely that. Upgrade now and let that productivity spurrr…

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