Fashion lookbooks are the perfect opportunity to beautifully showcase a new clothing line, a new season collection, or some must-have pieces. Even if you plan to make a digital lookbook or a printed lookbook, in this article I’m going to offer you some fashion lookbook examples from where you can get inspiration for the next lookbook you’re going to make. 

Of course, there are some key elements that you need to consider when you want to know how to make a killer lookbook, so with those in mind, let’s have a glance at the lookbook ideas below. Taking some inspiration before you actually make your own lookbook, is a vital step as you can figure out what style, colors, and design elements you’d like your future fashion lookbook to have.

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All the fashion lookbooks examples that I’m going to show you are our Flipsnack’s users. Still, it’s a great opportunity for you to find some inspiration for your next lookbook design.

So, let’s jump straight into it!

10 fashion lookbook examples for design inspiration

1. Kensie

The first fashion lookbook example I’m presenting you is a classic one. How else could we start with, right? I say it’s a classic one because most fashion lookbooks concentrate on making the clothes stand out, and keeping the background as minimalistic as possible.

Open this lookbook and flip through it. You’ll for sure notice that all the page layouts are pretty much the same as they have gradient backgrounds such as light blue, pink, violet, or plain white ones. It has a clean layout design that lets the readers focus only on what matters the most: the clothing line. Of course, it features models and some white blocks to add a little playful design element, but in a subtle way, without distracting the reader. 

kensie fashion lookbook

2. Christina Karin 

Now, this is a cool lookbook that not only presents the clothes featuring models in a studio but also has some great fashion shots done in the city. Personally, I’m so into this idea, because firstly it’s more artistic and secondly because your audience can get a better sense of how that piece of clothing would look on them when running errands in the city. 

Fashion lookbooks are all about professionally done photos of clothing lines. So if you already thought about hiring a photographer then take advantage of that and also have some shots done outside. 

Don’t forget to add some texts to describe your new clothing line or a specific outfit. Or even start with a short editorial to tell your audience what to expect from your new fashion collection.

Open this fashion lookbook example, see what you like most and make sure to write down the creative lookbook ideas you get by inspiring from it.

Christina-Karin fashion lookbook

3. Maykezine

Next on our list is a more colorful fashion lookbook example. If your style or brand is bolder and you like having an out-of-the-box approach, then this clothing lookbook design could inspire you, even more, to stand out from the crowd. 

And yes, the colors, styling, and design should represent the personality of the brand or the collection presented in the lookbook. 

Originality never goes out of style. So make sure to inspire from these creative lookbook ideas, but don’t forget to add your personal touch when designing your fashion lookbook.

This fashion lookbook example has cold background colors and paired with the model’s styling makes the design composition look young and fresh. Also, if you open and flip a bit through this lookbook, you’ll notice the fashion magazine vibe it has. Do you wonder how to achieve that? Just have a professional photographer do a styled photo shoot for your clothing line. This will make your lookbook look almost like an editorial from a fashion magazine.

mayke fashion lookbook example

4. Ellie Stotts

Here is a super cute and fun kids’ fashion lookbook example. I just can’t deal with the cuteness and great images with the little fashionistas. Back to more serious business, besides the sweet photo shooting of the little kids wearing the pieces of accessories, you can notice that right next to it there’s a closer image only with the accessories. 

It’s good practice to show some closer shots of the fashion pieces and even add some short details or specifications about them. However, do you notice that most of these digital lookbook examples have professional photos? It’s hard not to look at a stunning photoshoot where the clothes or accessories are presented in a beautiful way

Ellie-Stotts kids fashion lookbook example

5. Lazybones

This beautiful fashion lookbook reflects the essence of the brand through storytelling. If you take a look at the image below you can already tell that this brand cares for organic and sustainable materials in the making of their clothing line. Firstly, by reading the short descriptions of the clothes:  “Ava cardigan in rose organic cotton” and “Fran dresses in emerald cotton”. Secondly, if you open and flip through this lookbook, you’ll see some stunning nature images that also reveal the care and love for nature.

You could even say that the colors of the clothes are inspired by the peaceful colors found in nature. The sage green of the grass is seen in the dress,  while the dusty rose color of the flowers is seen in the cardigan. 


One thing that you can learn when getting inspiration from other fashion lookbooks, is that fashion is a visual world, so it’s important how you communicate your design ideas and stay true to your brand’s identity.

Make sure to reflect your brand’s identity in your fashion lookbook as this is also a part of your marketing tool.

Lazybones fashion lookbook example

6. Rebecca Schoneveld

Until now, I have told you enough about the importance of good photography. And yes, you won’t be able to pull off a great lookbook design, no matter how talented you are, if you don’t have high-quality, professional photos to work with. 

A great lookbook also starts with a stylized photo shooting. It’s important to style the photoshoot so it resonates with your brand and the purpose of the whole lookbook. The fashion lookbook below starts with an introduction about the overall bridal collection. Usually, these are made by the editor that knows exactly what to tell the audience regarding the new collection. Even if you want to describe the inspiration that was behind the lace, material, shape, and so on. 

But let’s take a moment to just appreciate the beautiful bridal dresses worn by the models. The whole photoshoot is kept simple yet impressive. The background is a plain light grey color that allows the collection to stand out and get all the attention.

If you want the clothes and models to be the star of the show, then go for a simple background that doesn’t distract the attention from the item, especially when it comes to wedding dresses where you want to enhance every little detail.

What’s great about getting inspiration from fashion lookbook examples is that you can notice the different aesthetics and designs each brand has and discover what suits and resonates with your own personal style or your brand’s.

Rebecca-Schoneveld - bridal fashion lookbook example

7. Styleniche

Let’s move on to a more edgy and creative lookbook example. You’ll notice in the image below that this lookbook has a mix of images, texts, descriptions, and collages. Open this fashion lookbook and flip through it to see the variety of different page layouts, fun pops of colors, design shapes, and big bold texts. 

Also, I’m sure you notice the style collage that looks drawn but don’t let yourself be misled. You can easily do this drawn look with some photo editing apps and achieve the result in just a few seconds. Or easily grab some free graphic illustrations from websites like Freepik and decorate your lookbook in an instant. 

Just assure yourself to address the fashion lookbook to your ideal customer. If variety it’s what your brand stands for then add lively and creative mixed designs in it.

Styleniche fashion lookbook

8. DNA

If you want a minimalistic and sophisticated lookbook, then this fashion lookbook example will be a perfect inspiration! Let me begin by telling you that if you want to achieve an elegant design, it’s important to keep the background simple and luminous. 

Also, don’t use too many pictures on a page, or they will appear small and compete against each other for people’s attention. It’s more powerful and impactful to use a single photo on each page, just like in the style lookbook below. Open it and see the clean and fresh vibe this lookbook has. 

One thing to have in mind when designing fashion lookbooks is to decide the vibe you’re going for. Set it right from the beginning and maintain it throughout the entire lookbook design.

Honestly, you don’t need too much to create a minimalist vibe. Just try to keep consistency from page to page by using the same background and model for all the different outfits, and you’ll easily achieve a stunning result.

DNA fashion lookbook

9. Lillegg

How cute can kids’ fashion lookbooks be, right? The design is simple, clean, and informative. The colors available for each item are put in a little square beside the clothes, so readers can already know all the options they have. It also has some short descriptions and the price for each clothing piece.

If you’re looking for fashion lookbooks design inspiration, then I think it would be a great idea to let the audience know the colors options you offer as you increase your chances of selling more. 

Finding inspiration for your fashion lookbook can help you narrow down the style, colors, and design elements you want to use for your lookbook.

Lillegg fashion lookbook example

10. James Harvest

The design style of this lookbook is a little bit different from the examples I already showed you. 

This fashion lookbook surprises with each page, but it represents an active lifestyle. James Harvest Sportswear offers a classic collection of garments, based on American collegiate fashion.

It’s also a more branded fashion lookbook as the logo appears more times throughout the pages. The photoshoot is done in a beautiful resort so you already can get an idea that this lookbook and brand stands for luxury and timeless clothing pieces. These images also determine the audience to imagine how they could wear the clothes on a holiday and enjoy their time there even more with some unique clothing pieces.

Create a striking visual display with some professional images to inspire your audience and determine them into buying.

James Harvest lookbook examples

Make your fashion lookbook engaging

I can’t finish this article without telling you that Flipsnack can be your solution to achieve a stunning lookbook design in just a few minutes. Also, all the fashion lookbooks above are our Flipsnack’s users but you can easily create your own in just a few minutes. 

In Flipsnack, you have the option to create a lookbook from scratch, upload your PDF and give it a 3D flipping effect, or start the design process with one of our lookbook templates


But wait, good news doesn’t end here. Interactivity and engagement are some of the key elements you should use in your digital marketing materials. So improve your lookbook design with interactions that get you closer to your audience and even help you sell more. 

Let me show you exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s an interactive sportswear lookbook template that would make any fashion lover fall in… well, love. Just flip through it and get a taste of what professional lookbook design really means. Links that redirect to your website, product tags for further information about the items, shopping buttons, all in all – a dreamy lookbook.

Also, check out this video to see how to create a fashion lookbook in Flipsnack.

Adding a personal touch to your fashion lookbooks can make them more engaging and interactive. By incorporating shoppable content and user-generated content (UGC), you can turn your lookbooks into a seamless shopping experience for your audience. Shoppable content allows viewers to directly purchase items featured in your lookbook, creating a smoother path to conversion. By integrating your lookbooks with platforms like Instagram Shop, you can further expand your reach and increase sales opportunities.

Meanwhile, user-generated content, such as customer photos and reviews, adds authenticity and a sense of community to your brand. Embrace these elements to create a captivating and effective fashion lookbook that not only showcases your designs but also drives sales and fosters customer loyalty.


I hope these fashion lookbook examples will give you some ideas on how you’d like your own lookbook design to be. So make sure to give yourself some time for doing a well-done research and only after you’ve gathered all your favorite elements you can begin designing your own fashion lookbooks. Most importantly, stay true to your brand’s personal style and make sure your next fashion lookbook will best reflect your vision.


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