retail marketing strategies - cover image

With Covid-19 closing down stores all over the world, the entire retail business faced a new reality. Online shopping. In order to do that, retailers had to adapt their retail marketing strategies to fit the new normal.  Global cross border ecommerce retail sales rose to 101% during the pandemic lockdown. January to mid June only.  […]

Using technology in art - Flipsnack and Huw Davies

Canvases look more digitized, colors more pixelated, technology in art has become more than just an option. For some time now, we are in the presence of what could be called a second Renaissance in art. Using technology, the artist can offer a new perspective, a different lens through which we can see the world. […]

How to make a newspaper online - cover image

Have you ever wondered how to make a newspaper? From finding a topic, interviewing people, writing the articles, printing it, to distribution, this entire process is not an easy one. Luckily, you landed in the perfect place for such an endeavor. And without bragging too much, you just stumbled upon a free newspaper maker that […]

How to make a catalog like IKEA cover

How to make a catalog like IKEA? It’s a question worth pondering upon, given how their finished catalogs look. Let’s think of it this way.  What is the difference between a good song and a great song? A great song stays in your memory long after you heard it. They resist time by offering an […]

marketing books for your summer reading list

Believe it or not, summertime is here once again. Maybe you’ve been too busy to notice it because organizing your marketing projects or writing your next blog article really takes up most of your time. But we are here to remind you that summer is back and it’s the perfect time to cultivate yourself by […]

how to use Flipsnack as a content creation tool

When it comes to content creation tools, there is a lot to cover. Marketers are usually on the hunt for different tools to help them with their marketing strategy, content creation, corporate communication, and so on. Publishers might be looking to expand their audience. From a blog to a magazine or a podcast, or simply […]

cover father's day cards

Father’s Day is a special and international celebration that honors all fathers in the world. People express their love, respect, and appreciation for fathers and other fatherly figures in different ways. And since this important day is just around the corner, namely this Sunday, it’s time to come up with some gift ideas. We know […]

create employee benefits packages

It’s not an easy job nowadays to keep your great employees on board when there are so many opportunities around them. So, how do you make sure that they won’t depart from your ship? You offer them a good employee benefits package. Provide the right benefits and your business might just jump-start its growth. Your […]

making a zine cover

Did I ever think that it took a global pandemic to actually get me to start a project I’ve wanted to do since forever? Absolutely not. But that’s what happened, and now I’m here to share my experience on making a zine from scratch. Reading, writing, discussing, and watching shows about food has been one […]