Best flipbook software on the market – 5 fastest tools compared

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What makes a flipbook software the best on the market? Besides the tool’s ability to convert PDFs into flipbooks, there are other aspects to consider. The need for a flippable interactive document is obvious to any professional who wants to differentiate themselves from the competition.In this day and age, when everyone is looking for the next fast solution to their problem, it’s crucial to keep up with the trends.

But before we discuss 5 of the best flipbook software programs on the market, we’ll learn what a flipbook is, what a PDF to flipbook converter is, how it works, and why you need one.

What is a flipbook

Historically, a flip book is a small booklet with drawings whose pages change gradually. When flipped in quick succession, the drawings on the pages turn into animations. Today, when we talk about flipbooks, we refer to digital representations of content materials that users can interact with just as they would—or even better than—with the physical versions. 

Digital flipbooks are considered to be the best way to publish great content online. Whether you’re publishing brochures, product catalogs, magazines, or even internal communication documents, they’re the go-to solution for many industries and even for personal use.

What is flipbook software?

Flipbook software allows you to create digital publications with a 3D flipping effect, just like a real physical book. This can be done either from scratch, where you create the entire design, or by uploading a PDF and turning it into an HTML5 flipbook.

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What is a PDF to flipbook converter 

Since we know what a flipbook is, let’s also explore what a flipbook converter is.

A PDF converter is the tool used to turn PDFs into dynamic, interactive flipbooks. They used to be very rudimentary, but with the advance of technology, top flipbook software programs today can turn thousands of pages into interactive flipbooks in minutes. Flipsnack’s converter, for instance, can turn 1000 PDFs into HTML5 in just 7 minutes.

The difference between the flip book software programs is related to the tools that are used in the conversion process. The architecture behind the converter and how it functions as a whole is what determines the conversion mechanism. With a good converter, you can turn PDFs into high-quality flippable documents in minutes.

How does a PDF to flipbook converter work?

Now you know what a flipbook and a PDF converter are. But how does flipbook software really work? Here’s how to turn your static PDF into an engaging, interactive, and visually appealing digital publication:

  1. Upload PDF: Prepare your PDF with text, images, and links. Upload it to your chosen flipbook software.
  2. Convert: The converter transforms your PDF into a digital flipbook.
  3. Add interactivity: Enhance your flipbook with links, videos, tags, slideshows, and more for a richer reader experience.
  4. Adjust: Add, remove, or reorder the pages of your flipbook to suit your needs.
  5. Publish: Just select your privacy setting—public or private–and publish your digital flipbook.
  6. Distribute: Share your flipbook by copying and pasting the direct link on your chosen platform, whether it’s Facebook, X, or Pinterest, streamlining communication. You can even send it by email.
  7. Use analytics: Track impressions, views, time spent, and clicks to use these statistics to understand reader engagement, and improve future publications.

In just a few steps, you are able to completely transform your static PDF into an interactive flipbook. Curious to see how your PDF looks after the conversion? Flip through this product catalog below and get a feel for the true potential of your documents when turned into interactive publications.

Why do you need a PDF to flipbook converter

It’s clear by now that an interactive flipbook is better than a PDF. And the best part is that the PDF to flipbook converter is a versatile tool that is ideal for various industries.

So why do you need a PDF to flipbook converter? A converter is essential in industries like real estate, wholesale, and retail, where it turns static content into engaging experiences. For real estate, it means immersive property listings with videos and detailed insights, boosting client engagement. In wholesale and retail, product catalogs become visually appealing with interactive elements, driving customer interest and sales. In these industries, but not limited to them, the converter is crucial for success, whether you’re selling properties or showcasing products.

5 flipbook software tested and compared

Now that we understand the significance of a PDF to flipbook converter, let’s dive into the interesting part of comparing the fastest converters on the market. We’ll explore each one individually and talk about their main features, prices, and who they are suitable for.

1. Flipsnack

Flipsnack is currently the fastest tool to convert PDFs into flipbooks on the market. It’s an intuitive online platform that allows you to effortlessly create, publish, and share interactive digital content such as product catalogs, magazines, internal communication documents, and more. What sets Flipsnack apart is its astonishing interactive features and its ability to automate the production process of product catalogs.

Main Features

  • Design tool – Flipsnack is not just another PDF to flipbook converter. The Design Studio offers you the chance to create interactive publications with ease. Even if you don’t have a PDF document, you can start from scratch or use one of the many templates available and customize them to your liking. The process is simple and intuitive.
  • Interactivity – You can include interactive elements in any document, such as product catalogs, brochures, or internal newsletters, which can significantly improve its attractiveness and engagement. Additionally, you can also include shopping lists in your flipbooks. This makes the selling process more convenient and efficient, both for you and for your customers, as you have access to the list of products they are interested in buying. This list is created directly in the flipbook.
  • Automation – You can make product catalogs quickly using Flipsnack’s automation tool. What it does is connect your product catalogs to your pre-existing data sources (CSV, XLSX files, or even Google Spreadsheets). This allows you to automatically populate your product catalogs with items that you would otherwise add manually.

Who is it for?

Flipsnack is the ideal solution for any professional looking to create product catalogs, promotional materials, private documents, or sales and training documents. It is best used by medium and large companies, especially those in the real estate, wholesale, and retail industries. Flipsnack facilitates the creation of visually captivating and interactive documents, from property listings and product catalogs to wholesale offers.

Pricing – monthly for a yearly subscription

  • Premium trial for 14 days – free. No credit card required
  • Starter – $14/month
  • Professional – $35/month
  • Business – $79/month
  • Business plus – $207.5/month
  • Enterprise – $355/month
  • Custom – requires personal contact

Why choose Flipsnack

Flipsnack is known for its PDF to flipbook converter, which is the fastest in the market. Apart from the converter, Flipsnack provides interactivity, security options, branding, and automation that make it stand out among its competitors. The branding features are particularly useful for medium to large companies, as they enable them to adhere to their brand guidelines. With Flipsnack, companies can apply their branding to every flipbook, customize document links, create branded templates to protect their brand elements, and more.

2. Publitas

publitas feature example image

Publitas is the second fastest PDF to flipbook converter. It is an online publishing platform that allows businesses to create interactive digital catalogs, brochures, and other marketing materials. The platform enables users to transform their PDFs into web-based publications, embed them on their websites, or share them through digital channels. What sets Publitas apart is its checkout solutions—you can shop directly from the catalog.

Main Features

  • Product catalog: With Publitas, you can transform your catalogs into important revenue generators. You can turn your static catalogs into dynamic, shoppable digital catalog experiences. And then make use of their checkout solutions. With their ecommerce and WhatsApp integration, Publias allows your customers to shop directly from the product catalog or to make wishlists and send them over to you via WhatsApp.
  • Interactivity: You can make your media content more engaging by adding interactive elements. By incorporating clickable shopping hotspots, forms, and other interactive features, you can improve engagement and boost click-through rates.
  • Accessibility: Following the WCAG, Accessible Canada Act, and ADA compliance guidelines, Publitas offers you the chance to publish screen reader-friendly content that is fully accessible.

Who is it for?

Publitas caters mostly to the retail industry. It is designed to help retailers and brands digitize their print materials and make them accessible to customers online. The tool is the go-to solution for home decor and fashion retailers.

Pricing – monthly for a yearly subscription

  • Premium trial for 14 days – free. No credit card required
  • Bronze – $29/month
  • Silver – $98/month
  • Gold – $396/month
  • Custom – requires personal contact

Why choose Publitas

Publitas is a good solution for not only small businesses, but also enterprise users. If you’re looking for an automated solution to create digital catalogs that allow your customers to make purchases directly, then Publitas could be a suitable choice for you. However, it’s worth noting that their plans tend to be the most expensive when compared to the features they offer. So, it’s best to keep that in mind while making your decision.

3. Issuu

issuu feature example image

Issuu occupies third place in the run for the fastest PDF to flipbook converter. Just like the tools we’ve already discussed, Issuu is a platform used for digital publishing that enables individuals and businesses to create, share, and explore digital content online. Users can upload their content in the form of PDFs or other formats, and Issuu converts it into an attractive digital format. What sets Issuu apart is that it allows its users, especially those in publishing, to create their own reader base.

Main Features

  • Integration with other apps: One of the things that stands out about Issuu is that it has integration with different apps. Although this integration is useful for the user experience, it’s a downside that it doesn’t have its own editor, so you’ll have to use a third-party app, like Canva or InDesign, to create your flipbooks
  • Statistics: Analytics is vital for content success, and Issuu’s insights into reader statistics offer a deep understanding of your audience, interactions, and performance. By being able to make real-time data-driven decisions, you can enhance reader engagement, subscriptions, and marketing strategies.
  • Interactivity: Issuu allows you to add links to your static PDFs to create interactive materials. Although their interactivity options are limited to only adding links, the app can detect them automatically if they’re correctly formatted.

Who is it for?

Issuu enjoys popularity among a diverse range of users, including content marketers, magazine and catalog publishers, educators, and small businesses. It is particularly popular among real estate professionals, architects, and restaurateurs.

Pricing – monthly for a yearly subscription

  • Basic – free
  • Starter – $29/month – with a Student discount (free for one year)
  • Premium – $98/month
  • Optimum – $396/month
  • Issuu for team – requires personal contact

Why choose Issuu

If you’re a publisher looking for exposure, then Issuu is a valuable tool for you. By hosting a community of readers, Issuu provides an easy and convenient way to access digital content. Not only that, but the tool also has the ability to generate short-form SEO-friendly content from your flipbooks. This will help you reach an even wider audience for your published content.

4. FlippingBook

flippingbook feature example image

FlippingBook is another flipbook software that does pretty much everything the ones we’ve discussed so far do, as you will see when we discuss their main features. What sets it apart from the competition, though, is its price point and its Zapier integration – more on this below.

Main Features

  • Sharing & embedding: FlippingBook simplifies sharing PDFs in an engaging, user-friendly format. PDFs can be easily sent via links, shared on social media, or embedded into websites.
  • Content protection: You can safeguard your sensitive PDFs by converting them into secure HTML5 flipbooks. These flipbooks are not only visually appealing and interactive but also offer safe sharing options. You can choose from password-protected PDFs for secure sharing or limit PDF embedding to your website for added protection.
  • App integration: Either through API or through Zapier, you can connect FlippingBook to other apps you may be using. For instance, you can collect leads through the lead forms in your flipbooks and then use Zapier to automatically add the collected data to a Google spreadsheet.

Who is it for?

FlippingBook provides services to medium-sized companies that are looking for a robust solution. Designers, marketers, and business owners alike can benefit from this versatile platform. 

Pricing – monthly for a yearly subscription

  • Premium trial for 14 days – free. No credit card required
  • Lite – $17/month
  • Starter – $41/month
  • Optimal – $82/month
  • Advanced – $164/month
  • Team – $224/month
  • Enterprise – requires personal contact

Why choose FlippingBook

FlippingBook is an easy-to-use software that is truly for everyone. If you only have a small budget to cover basic needs, it can take care of that. Of course, it also has more expensive plans, but the features included are scant compared to what the competition has to offer for the same plans. 

5. FlipHTML5

fliphtml5 feature example image

FlipHTML5 may not be the most advanced PDF converter available, but it is still one of the most popular digital publishing platforms. It enables users to transform their static PDF files into interactive flipbooks, such as magazines, brochures, and catalogs, with ease, just like all the others we’ve seen so far. What sets FlipHTML5 apart is its monetization feature that’s seamlessly integrated.

Main Features

  • Branding: FlipHTML5 allows you to create personalized flipbooks that align with your brand. You can customize key elements like the background, logo, and URL to ensure your publication reflects your brand identity. 
  • Monetization: Its app has a feature that enables you to sell books directly on its platform without needing a third party. Additionally, you can accept payments directly through the app. And you can generate revenue by displaying ads in your publications, thanks to their integration with Google AdSense. 
  • Statistics: You can track how your digital publications are performing and gain valuable insights using their built-in stats and G4 integration. These are valuable tools that will help you improve your content strategy.

Who is it for?

FlipHTML5 serves a diverse user base, catering to businesses seeking lead generation and product promotion, as well as those looking to sell subscriptions. Marketing agencies, educators, and publishers can benefit from the platform’s features.

Pricing – monthly for a yearly subscription

  • Free plan
  • Pro – $12.5/month
  • Platinum – $25/month
  • Enterprise – $83.5/month
  • Student & Educators, Nonprofit Discount – require personal contact

Why choose FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 is a good choice if you’re considering selling subscriptions to your flipbooks directly through the platform. Moreover, the price point is considerably lower than that of its competitors, making it an option if you have a limited budget and require basic features.

What’s the fastest PDF to flipbook converter?

We have covered the most important features, looked at pricing, and identified who each software caters to. And now, it’s time to compare the speed with which these 5 flipbook software programs convert PDFs into interactive publications.

pdf upload speed for 32 pages image

To provide our readers backed-up information, we conducted an experiment that involved our top competitors and an analysis regarding each converter’s speed. The research took into account the number of PDF pages in a file, split into three categories: PDF with 1-10 pages, 10-50 pages, and 50-200 pages. We started with the uploading process, noting the exact conversion time separately for every tool. And, of all these flipbook apps, there was one that stood out at the end of every test. 

pdf upload speed for 197 pages image

With all this undeniable evidence, you can see that regardless of the number of pages a PDF has, Flipsnack rises to the top. But don’t take our word for it, but read on to see what our users have to say about this platform.

See what our users are saying about Flipsnack

We have found an easy way to update our Classroom resources without spending a lot of time or money on improving them. We love being able to quickly and easily convert our PDF’s into interactive, browsable magazine-style documents. Much easier to read and also link to web resources and include our video content.

Del R.

Marketing & Communications Manager

Every job I have gone to, I have introduced teams to this software and they are always so impressed on what it can do to elevate our sales pitches and marketing material. This software allows us to stop with the oversized pdf attachments and link engagement information with video content that sets us apart from our competition.

Shannon T.

Marketing Manager

The ease of use of Flipsnack caught our attention since we started using it a few more years ago, we simply upload our internal monthly newsletter and in a few minutes it is ready to share it with all the firm’s staff, being able to make it private only for our use internal and highly personalized.

Wilfrido E.


The program is easy to use and I am able to easily upload PDFs and make them interactive. I used to use Adobe Indesign and adding hyperlinks was more time consuming and difficult. It’s great that I can enhance PDFs that were created by other team members too.

Ashley F.

Communications Manager

Our documents are really big files, so being able to send the links rather than the files has meant we can now email all our promotional materials to clients really easily!

Thomas T.

Managing Director


Now that we have all the information available, let’s make a short recap to see which one of the 5 flipbook software is more suitable for you and your needs.

Which tool is more affordable?

Out of the five flipbook software options that were tested and compared, it is clear that FlippingBook and FlipHTML5 offer the most affordable solutions. Their features cover basic needs, and the price point reflects that.

Which tool offers better interactive features? 

Regarding interactivity, there is no doubt that Flipsnack offers the best features. Although the other tools offer a good amount of interactivity, none match Flipsnack’s capabilities. It has everything from simply adding links and videos to more complex pop-up frames, product tags, and shopping lists. Making publications more interactive and engaging is very easy.

Which tool is best for personal use?

I don’t have a definitive answer here. It all comes down to your needs, budget, and preferences. All the tools presented here are suitable for personal use, so it’s really just up to you.

Which tool is best for companies?

Again, depending on your budget and needs, all the apps presented here could be useful for companies. Some might be more suitable than others. For instance, Flipsnack is capable of meeting the most complex needs of enterprise users and can even customize its main features to better respond to their requirements.

How does Flipsnack handle data security and privacy for the content uploaded by users?

Flipsnack ensures data security through encryption during data transfer and storage. Users can adjust privacy settings to control access to their flipbooks, such as setting them to private or password-protected. For comprehensive details on their security measures, users are encouraged to consult Flipsnack’s privacy policy or reach out to their support team.

Can flipbooks created with Flipsnack be used offline, and if so, how?

Flipbooks from Flipsnack can be downloaded as PDFs, HTML5s, GIFs, videos, JPEGs, and PNGs for offline use. This is useful for viewing content without internet access and is especially handy for presentations in low-connectivity areas. Users need to download the flipbook while online and can then view it through any standard PDF reader.

What types of customer support does Flipsnack offer for troubleshooting or assistance with their software?

Flipsnack provides support through an online help center, live chat, and email. Depending on the subscription plan, phone support might also be available. These resources offer both general guidance and specific troubleshooting help, ensuring users can effectively utilize the software.

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In any case, the advantages flipbooks bring to any business are unbelievable. From added interactivity, which boosts engagement, to protected content, there aren’t really any downsides to converting your static PDF into a flipping book. What’s even better is that you can actually track the PDF’s performance to see if there are any necessary changes to make. In conclusion, embracing flipbooks is a smart choice for businesses of all sizes.

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