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Today we’re sharing with you an interview with SPA de Québec. We noticed they get a lot of views on their flipbooks and we know it’s something that many of you want to achieve. So we decided we should talk to June Gormley, which is in charge of Communication and marketing projects at SPA de Québec, to find out more about who they are and how they promote their flipbooks. Continue reading


It’s not just the end of December, it’s also the end of the year, so we thought we should do something crazy for this month’s top flipbooks article. So we reached out to more publishers than we usually do. The result is an incredible collection of inspiring brochures, magazines and catalogs.

Below you will see 21 top flipbooks that have earned their place and deserve to be featured.

Keep scrolling, click on images to see entire magazines and read quotes from the publishers – what they do and what they like about Flipsnack. Continue reading


It’s time for the monthly roundup of beautiful and interesting flipbooks published on Flipsnack. We selected our favorites, contacted the authors / uploaders and asked them for a short description. Below you can read their answers and see our selection of top publications, in random order.

Click on images to see the entire thing, and enjoy!

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Top magazines October

Hi everyone,

October has been a magnificent month for us. We’ve been to Frankfurt for the book fair, we released a new shelf widget, and we’ve seen lots and lots of beautiful flipbooks made by our talented users.

What you see below is just a small selection of flipbooks that deserve the spotlight and a short description about the people/company behind them. Click on images to see the full interactive version and be inspired! Continue reading


Each month we fall in love with the beautiful flipbooks you guys create on Flipsnack. We just want you to know that what you do is an inspiration for many other users and non-users who are looking for editorial design layouts or magazine layouts inspiration.
We have made our picks for the September top flipbooks and you can see them below in random order, along with a short description from the publisher.
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It’s been a good month for catalog and magazine designs, because we’ve seen LOTS of beautiful flipbooks uploaded on Flipsnack. Now it’s time to share with you our best finds, so you can use them as inspiration for your own catalogs or magazines.

Click on images if you want to see entire flipbooks. Each image is linked to the flipbook that it belongs to, so go ahead and click to read. Continue reading

Our entire marketing and design departments love to find new magazines for the top flipbooks of the month. There’s something relaxing and inspiring about looking at pretty layouts designed by professionals. Wanna know what it’s like? Just visit Top flipbooks and read our recent posts from the category, but now before you scroll down to the end of this blog post! Continue reading


It’s the end of June, so it’s time to share with you our favorite flipbooks of the month. We contacted the users who published them and asked for a write-up, because we wanted you to get to know the people/ the organizations behind these publications. Continue reading


Each month we peruse hundreds of flipbooks in search of the best of the best, in terms of design. The results are shared in a “Top flipbooks” post, along with a short description from the author of the flipbook. They are all listed in random order. Continue reading

It’s time to share our monthly picks for the top flipbooks series.

Last month we had a particularly long blog post, so today we’ll only put a few flipbooks in the spotlight. We’ll share with you a short description of the publication and a layout, to give you a taste of the publication.  If you want to view the entire publication, just click on the image and it will take you to the full flipbook.

Enjoy your reading!

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As you all know by now, each month we select a few brochures, catalogs, magazines and lookbooks to be featured on our blog. The publications included in the Top flipbooks of the month are entirely editorial selections. What do they have in common? Just one thing: we like them and we think you will too. Anybody can use them for inspiration when making the designs for a new brochure or catalog. Continue reading

The monthly “Top flipbooks” features a collection of beautiful flipbooks that are published each month. There were many pretty publications this February, we couldn’t even review all of them! However, we managed to select a few flipbooks that really caught our eyes. They are listed in no particular order below. Continue reading

We’ve reviewed lots of gorgeous publications this month and then we narrowed it down to 15 flipbooks. We emailed the authors and some of them replied back giving us permission to share their publications with you. We asked them to provide some details about their publications, about them and about their experience with Flipsnack.

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We have decided to continue the “top flipbooks” series with monthly posts in which we will feature our favorite flipbooks, made by our users. In addition to a screenshot image and a link we will also add some information about the publisher and quotes from some of them.

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It’s Friday again folks, so it’s time to feature our favorite flipbooks! It was a great month for Flipsnack, meaning there were many pretty publications and it was tough to pick just 5.

Check them out below, and let us know in comments which one is your favorite!

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