Instagram report 2017

On Jan 8th, 2017 we started a 3-month project that involved following 15 magazines on Instagram and monitoring their every post, including stories. We included 10 women’s magazines and 5 men’s magazines in our research (there are more women’s magazines than men’s on the market). Keep on reading to see what we discovered.

25 publishers to follow on instagram

Instagram is where we expect to see awesome imagery, and these 25 magazines and book publishers sure don’t disappoint. They have succeeded in visual marketing, as we can see from their profiles and a large number of followers. They use different strategies and image styles, but a little variety is always inspiring. So check them out, find out why they are worth a follow and feast your eyes!

instagram shoppable products

Most brands use Instagram for brand awareness and visual marketing. By posting beautiful, stylized shots or videos of your product, you can increase the likelihood of people leaving Instagram to search for the product to buy it. The good news is that there might be a new feature, not yet released, that could turn this social channel into a powerful, highly effective tool for product sales. Let’s see what this fuss is all about.

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