article cover about how to make academic, scientific & research posters

Making an academic, scientific, or research poster is transforming abstract ideas into a visual, comprehensive language.
Stay tuned, because in the end, you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to make professional academic, scientific, or research posters using Flipsnack’s Design Studio.

poster design history cover

Poster design art evolved massively throughout the last century. To inspire you a little further, we rounded up a collection of vintage posters, true works of art, some more famous than others. So, let’s find out more about the history of the poster design and maybe give you some creative ideas for your next design.

The art of the music festival poster

In the middle of your marketing strategy, the music festival poster should be the headliner of your main stage.
Let’s take a look at how the art of music festival posters shaped the festival music industry over the years. Also, stay tuned for tips on how to design your own music poster for your next event and a VIDEO that pretty much sums up all this article. See it below.

Labor day facts

Today is the Labor Day in America, and we made a poster for this occasion. It’s always good to enrich your general knowledge with new information, so we gathered a list of 10 facts you probably didn’t know about this day. We are celebrating the contributions and achievements of the 155 million men and women who are […]

Dieter Rams design

Dieter Rams developed a design philosophy which was revolutionary for that period, in the post WWII years. His products became famous because they were aesthetically appealing and they were also easy to use. The reason why his products were so popular is because he applied the 10 principles of good design in his own work, which became very important in design thinking. You can find them, you guessed it, by reading on.

motivational quotes travel life

We thought it would be nice to offer you freebies every once in a while, so we created some posters with quotes for you. You can share them on social media or use them as desktop wallpapers. Throw them to your friends or maybe even hang them on your wall to catch a good vibe.
Do whatever you like with, they are yours!