5 creative layouts for interior design magazines

By |Published On: September 16th, 2016|Last Updated: August 24th, 2022|

A layout is how the content is placed and structured in design. Layouts are important because they help users find the information that they are looking for.

Interior design magazines have a specific style for layouts which are created specifically to highlight the amazing interiors.

The great news is that you can get as creative as you want when making this sort of magazines. Here you can find 5 creative layouts which will inspire your work and lots of professionally designed interior design magazine templates.

Modular layouts

Azure’s 30th anniversary special edition opted for a modular layout. All the content is structured in rectangles. The text, the colors and the images are well chosen. They’re both catchy and easy to read.


Swiss design layouts

The Swiss design style is mainly known for its simplicity. Its basic principle is to remove all the distracting elements, keeping the focus only on the important details. Minimalism, grid systems and sans serif typography are the main characteristics that make this style one of a kind.

These interior design publications are using a grid structure, which reminds us of the Swiss style. The typography and photography are minimalistic and clean.



Geometrical design layouts

A geometrical layout is a catchy solution and the content will be more attractive for the reader.

This creative magazine layout made by Masha Portnova is dynamic. And the geometric lines make the details pop out. You can easily fall in love with these amazing interiors.


Playful layout with photography

Images are very important when you are creating an interior design magazine. The photos must be concrete and they must showcase the design objects. A great example is this layout by Azure. The dynamic composition of a beautiful wallpaper collection captures the attention of readers. The way it’s presented shows how special each wallpaper is and how it looks in a real room.


Watercolor layouts

This interior design magazine project uses a creative concept for watercolor works. All the floor plans are made using the watercolor technique. The typography looks handwritten and the watercolor style goes very well with the overall design of the magazine. These sketchy elements make the publication more artistic by hinting to the design process that happens behind any big project.


Now that you have seen these examples of creative layouts, I bet your are truly inspired. Start creating awesome digital magazines as good as these or even better.

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