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Annual reports represent in-depth and comprehensive reports that thoroughly and clearly explain a company’s activities from the previous year. They can also help create new partnerships, give acknowledgment to important people; and attest your company’s achievements to current and (who knows?!) future sponsors. 

Moreover, annual reports are really important and they should be taken into consideration with great significance because throughout them you tell your business’s story. It’s actually the most crucial piece of content for your brand because these reports tell who you are, what you do; and how you are succeeding.

Over the years, the annual reports have become better and better. At the beginning, they were made in such a way that only insiders could understand them and were designed pretty drab and boring; but nowadays they speak to a broader group of people and are followed by photos, charts, and infographics. They come in all formats and sizes and are posted on websites, are emailed or printed. 

How to make a successful and eye-catching annual report?

annual report examples

If you have ever asked yourself what’s the key to a successful annual report; you’ll be surprised to discover that everything lies in your imagination, creativity, and accuracy. Think of what you would want to hear from such a report before starting to create one. When designing it; keep in mind to make it visually engaging because you have to catch the attention of your audience from the start. Give it originality and precision by incorporating your own info, visuals, and brand’s colors. Make it as appealing as possible; because your annual report represents a powerful promotional tool for your company or business. 

Seems easy, right? But how will you impress your clients and investors with a fascinating annual report design if you have no design skills at all? Don’t worry, it’s not such a tragedy! Fortunately; if you’re equipped with the right toolkit, you can definitely create an eye-catching annual report by yourself. Also, the internet is full of websites with annual report templates created especially for giving you a helping hand and reducing the amount of time you need to spend creating your report from scratch. Flipsnack is one of them. We provide plenty of free annual design report templates that are super easy to use and fully customizable. Below I’ve made a list with 10 annual report templates that hopefully you’ll find inspiring. Enjoy!

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10 annual report templates designed to inspire you

1. Fundraising Report Template

fundraising report
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Fundraising reports help you keep track of many aspects of fundraising such as the results and efforts you’ve made throughout the year. In this way, you keep updated your sponsors and prove transparency and accuracy. They can also show you what’s left to do the next year to reach your goals. This fundraising annual report template from Flipsnack is the perfect one for your non-profit organization. It features a minimalist design altogether with splashes of color; but it also remains professional with the help of light blue and white shades scattered throughout. Don’t wait any longer, take advantage of it now!

2. Black & White Business Report Template

black&white business report
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Putting together an informative and interesting business annual report is not an easy job to do. How can you make it eye-catching when generally there are only dull and boring business reports? Simple: use the business annual report template from above. It is minimalistic and clean, yet elegant and explanatory. The black and white colors are always a safe option, trust me! Perfect for every type of business. Bonus tip: make your business annual report more interactive by embedding videos. Cool, right?

3. Humanitarian Foundation Annual Report Template

humanitarian annual report template
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These types of reports are one of my favorites because they really touch my heart. From my point of view, designing an annual report for a humanitarian charity involving child care has to make a powerful statement. That’s why this annual report template pairs perfectly significant images of children with straightforward information. Your audience will be thrilled to see such a beautiful report! Try it now, it’s free.

4. Annual Sales Report Template

annual sales
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It’s that time of year again when you have to make the annual sales reports of the company where you’re working. Lots of charts, numbers, graphics, and diagrams, right? There’s a lot of work to do until you succeed to compile all data. Aaand besides this, you also have to think of the report’s design. Don’t lose hope, this orange annual report template from here is ready to come and rescue you! Personalize it and impress your boss, colleagues, and clients.

5. Financial Annual Report Template

financial report
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Who says that a financial annual report template can’t be elegant and chic? Here’s a perfect example of such a report. The minimalist and delicate design is perfect for any occasion. The light colors, the neat font, and representative charts draw up a simply gorgeous report. No more stress when it comes to presenting the company statistics. Just grab this financial annual report template, and enjoy.

6. Business Annual Report Template

business template
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I have to admit, I really really like business reports! They are very challenging for me because they’re usually considered boring and I like to be creative and design them cool and catchy. Just like this one from here. It is elegant, informative and not boring at all! But do you know what I like most about this business report? The perfect balance between image and text that make the layout look very professional. By the way, you can customize it to the fullest and add your company’s branding. Important design aspects such as the logo or custom colors can be easily added in this business annual report template. Designing business annual reports has never been more easy and fun!

7. Modern & Clean Annual Report Template

environmental annual report example
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I present to you another gorgeous annual report template from Flipsnack. The bright green and white colors make the layout look stunning, catchy and dynamic. The best part is that even if it looks perfect for environmental presentations, it’s easily customizable to any type of professional reports. It surely makes you think of a healthy world and life, right? Use it to light up the boring meetings. 

8. Modern Sales Report Template

modern sales report example
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Feeling tired of the same old presentations? I have great news for you! Here’s a modern sales report template that knocks out the boredom. It can be used to fit any business presentation, really. No matter if you’re on the lookout for a sales report template or a simple company presentation, this template will make your life easier. You have to admit, the dark blue and yellow colors look gorgeous! Don’t forget to also incorporate your brand’s colors, this is super important.

9. Blue Annual Report Template

blue annual template
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One thing’s for sure: annual reports are important. Buuut, as important as they are, they can be quite a time consuming, and definitely stressful. Only the ones who have to make such reports understand this. This blue annual report template from Flipsnack is here to give you a helping hand. It looks good, professional and elegant. And you have to admit that the blue color gives you a peaceful feeling. What more could you possibly ask for? Unleash your imagination and create the most exceptional annual report ever!

10. Modern Annual Sales Report Template

sales report example
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For your next annual sales report, make a bold move and use a template that looks extraordinary. Usually, the reports feature nude colors, but this template above has a turquoise that catches the attention from the beginning. The modern and professional design is sure to be praised by both colleagues and clients, and the design provides the perfect layout to present all of your statistics. You won’t disappoint with this one, trust me! 

Wrapping it up

Here we are, at the end of this beautiful journey. Thank you for sticking with me ‘till now. I really hope you find these 10 annual report templates as useful and inspiring as I do. Make your pick and start designing now. Don’t keep it all to yourself. Share this great news with others. Creating an annual report doesn’t have to be a burden anymore. And you don’t even need design skills of any sort. We, here at Flipsnack made it our mission to make things easier for you with all these annual report templates that you can customize within minutes. Really!
Get ready to impress your audience!

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