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It’s that time of the year when many of you are working on annual reports for your companies. Several departments are involved in this: some are busy gathering and analyzing data, some are writing summaries and others are piecing it all together as a professional business report.

Then all of this has to be made look good and business-like, so the design team takes over.

But if you’re working for a smaller company, you might need to do the job of several people. If you’re a marketer + designer + jack of all trades, you could probably use some annual report design inspiration. Fear not, you are in the right place. The best way to improve your skills is to learn from others. I’ve gathered 20 professional annual report designs to serve as inspiration.

All of them have been created by our users as PDF files and uploaded on Flipsnack for easy sharing and for giving them an even more professional look.

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    1. Annual environmental report

Annual environmental report

Business and corporate reports are often dull or boring. But not this one. This report layout is very engaging because it uses a nice combination of colors and illustrations, which makes the layout very dynamic-looking.

    1. School report example

School report example

Who says you can’t have photos in a report? Well, you can! This K12 school annual report is a great example of a less formal-looking design.

    1. Professional research report

Professional research report

This is a very simple and nice way to present numbers, so it’s perfect if you’re not ready to tackle a more complex project. Besides, simple is clean and elegant.

    1. Report design inspiration

Report design inspiration

You can’t expect anything less than perfection from an Amnesty International report. Even though it is not an annual report sample, this layout can be adapted to any type of professional report.

    1. Business report example

Business report example

Another great example of a good report, presenting some of the key achievements of the organization. If you want to check the full report click on the image above, and you will see that all the pages are professionally designed and suitable for annual report design inspiration.

    1. Annual report layout

Annual report layout

The page on the left presents one of the marketing campaigns of the company as an article, while the right side features some visual graphs.

    1. Annual report example

Annual report example

Inform your company employees about all the important developments and successful campaigns of the year. Sometimes this kind of achievements can’t be presented using just numbers. The members of your organization need to know the details.

    1. Board members page

Board members page

If there have been some changes in the board committee, the information should be put in your corporate newsletter. Additionally, you can dedicate one layout to present the management team / board in your annual report.

    1. Annual report – chart

Annual report - chart

Even a simple graph can be made interesting and visually delightful, if you do it right. Colors are key, and the way the chart is spread across 2 pages makes it more impactful.

    1. Report layout ideas

Report layout ideas

What I like about this layout is how the designer used subtle borders to separate the different sections of the report. Each section also has a label, which makes it easier for the reader to scan the page for information.

    1. Show off your charts

charts report

As a marketer, you have to know your numbers and don’t be afraid to show it. Don’t hide them in a corner of your report. Put them in the spotlight in a similar-looking layout.

    1. Annual report design colorful

colorful report layout

As always, you have to think about the organization for which you are making the report. While this colorful layout may not work for a highly formal corporation, it would be perfect for a casual environment.

    1. Annual report magazine

Annual report magazine

Some universities are using Flipsnack for presentations, reports, newsletters, magazines and prospectuses. I really like how this one looks. Don’t you?

    1. Highlights of the year page

achievements report page

Reports can be used for various reasons. One of the reasons why a company would want to make an report could be to presents some milestones or the highlights of the year. Turn the report into a reason to celebrate.

    1. Unusual annual report

fashion report

If you want to design an impressive annual report, you might consider making a bold move. The colors and the photography used in this layout and are not typically used in reports, but they work.

    1. Professional business report format

Professional business report format

Here we have a very simple design again, which looks great. If you work with a grid, you’ll be able to easily re-create these pages.

    1. Spice things up with contrasts

simple report design

The white numbers and letters on the dark background look great because of the high contrast. Black and white is always a safe option, but you can play with other high contrasting tones as well.

    1. Work with shapes

report layout design

If you want to make a layout look more interesting, use shapes, overlays, colors and gradients. Be inspired by this layout.

    1. Add a timeline

report timeline page

This report features a timeline that covers an extended period of time, but you can adapt the timeline idea and present the most important milestones of the year in your design.

    1. Report layout example

Report layout example

This is the final report on this list. Some of these examples were very formal, some were playful, but this one is somewhere in between. If that’s the look you are going for, use this as inspiration.

make your annual report

Alright folks, this is the end of the list!
I hope you found them useful. Now you can start working on your own annual report design, and when it’s finished, give Flipsnack a try. You might just fall in love with our online report maker.

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