When you think of travel, what comes to mind? Exotic places? Wild animals? Or is it simply the idea of jumping on a plane and escaping? Regardless of what it is, the best travel magazines help us capture our inner adventurer, even if we can’t see these places right away.

Or, perhaps you are planning to travel soon and you need some inspiration. Nevertheless, travel magazines help us visualize exotic lands and sights that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. They bring the wonders of the world right to you.

Many people have resorted to creating their own magazine through our platform, and we have to say, they look amazing. We offer a variety of magazine templates that are the perfect launch pad to push your travel magazine ideas to new heights. Definitely check them out.

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So, with that said, what are the best travel magazines to read in 2020? Let’s talk about it.

National Geographic

Okay, admittedly, National Geographic isn’t explicitly a travel magazine, but it does meet the criteria for one. Plus… I kind of have a soft spot for it. Ever since I was a kid, I can remember traveling to the African highlands and learning about gorillas, or the deepest depths of the Pacific ocean, all without having to leave my couch. To say that National Geographic inspired my passion for travel, wildlife, and learning in general is an understatement. 


Here at Flipsnack, we all kind of have a soft spot for National Geographic. We have a lot of templates based on their design, and we’ve even gone over how to make a magazine like National Geographic before.

If you aren’t already, give National Geographic a read. As one of the pioneers in their field, you definitely won’t find any shortage of helpful information, and travel inspiration.



Wanderlust is another digital magazine that I think we’re all familiar with. What makes them unique to me is the fact that they have a “trip” section of their website that allows you to input a destination, date, and points of interest, and it will bring up articles for your inspiration.

All-in-all, Wanderlust makes it incredibly easy to not only learn about new places, but plan your trip to one, too. It’s filled with vibrant colors and rich details that will have you turning off your computer and packing your bags in no time. 

Check them out, and do some digging around. I’m sure you’ll find lots of information about a place you’ve never even heard of.

Backpacker Magazine


What can I say about Backpacker Magazine other than it’s awesome? As someone who enjoys hiking on occasion, I have to say that this is not only a highly coveted magazine by people around the world, but a personal favorite as well.

What makes this one of the best travel magazines of 2020 is the fact that you get a lot of insight on many places around the world, as well as helpful gear tips for tackling that specific landscape.

If you like the outdoor aspect of traveling, then I highly recommend this one. You’ll find details on hiking trails and wild nature trips that are both familiar and popular as well as ones that aren’t so well known. Check it out, and enjoy the views!

British Columbia Magazine


British Columbia Magazine is mostly about… you guessed it, British Columbia. But, don’t let that deter you from picking this incredible magazine up.

For me, British Columbia was always one of those places that I’ve heard of, but never really knew how vast and incredible it was. That is, of course, until I started reading one of the best travel magazines of 2020: British Columbia Magazine.

Within these pages (digital or not) you’ll find more information about British Columbia than you even thought you needed. There are wonderful articles on the wildlife, landscape, interesting places to visit, insider tips and tricks, and much, much more.

Personally, reading this magazine has put British Columbia to the top of the list of places I want to visit. Hopefully that’ll happen sooner, rather than later.

Budget Travel Magazine


Just by the title, you can probably tell why this is one of the best travel magazines ever. 

Let’s just be real and say that we all can’t afford to fly all over the place, eat fancy foods, and visit amazing places. Budget Travel helps solve that issue by suggesting cost effective places and events that are both incredibly exciting and surprisingly affordable. 

If you don’t want to take my word for it, just check out their blog. There, you’ll find a ton of articles on travel tips, vacation spots, and much more. The world is out there for us to explore, and Budget Travel Magazine shows us how we can get there without breaking the bank.



Afar magazine is a fairly new addition to the travel magazine world, but it’s a pretty good one. What makes Afar magazine so unique is their wide variety of content. In fact, as we speak, there’s an article talking about a new hotel in Disney World, right next to a guide on how to shop local in Singapore. 

With this magazine, you can read both a digital copy and subscribe to a printed one. On their blog, you can select the region you’re wanting to visit, and they’ll show you cool places to visit there. You can even type in the exact name of a city. 

Afar is definitely one of the best travel magazines you can read right now. It’s straight shooting, so you’ll only get the best of the best as far as travel guides go. Check it out and see for yourself.

The best travel magazine templates

Here at Flipsnack, we want you to chase your dreams. Not only that, but we want you to be well equipped to accomplish them. That’s why we have loads of help features and all the best travel magazine templates you can get.

travel magazine banner

Of course, we have many different kinds of templates for you to choose from, but here are a few of my favorite travel magazine related ones that we have available to use for free right now.

1. Stunning Travel Magazine Template


For me, this template perfectly captures just how small we are in this universe. That may seem like something to scare you, but I assure you that it’s not. For those of us that like to travel, it just means that there’s more to see.

With this template, you can portray that same feeling to your readers. It’s easy to edit, and you can even sell it through Flipsnack if you’d like.

2. Travel Destination Magazine Template


The reason I like this one so much is because of the incredible jungle landscape right on the cover. As you flip through the pages, the green theme continues in the details. This template is perfect for displaying anything.

Another thing that makes the magazine template so amazing is its use of white space. Although there are plenty of images, there’s still ample room to say as much as you need.

3. Travel and Photography Magazine Template


California has some incredibly diverse landscapes and landmarks, making it the perfect scene for the best travel magazines out there. 

Our designers took that as inspiration and created this incredible magazine template that’s perfect for any photographs and stories that you’ve collected on your travels.

And don’t forget, you can change any aspect about this or any other template. From the text and the images, right down to the page number and font. It can all be changed with just a few clicks.

If you like any of our templates listed above, feel free to give them a click. It will take you right to their designated template page.

Sending it home

After all that, one thing is clear – I need to go on a vacation. For like 3 months. Maybe more.

In all seriousness, it was very interesting to read through the best travel magazines of 2020 and see the differences, if any, between the more popular ones. 

What I found really wasn’t a surprise, as there are loads of amazing travel magazines out there, each with their own unique take on travel. But, I was a little shocked at how many of them aren’t really that well known. 

That being said, and to finally send this article home, I hope you really consider making a travel magazine of your own. Afterall, each experience is unique, and us travel junkies can never get enough of seeing the world and its different cultures around us. So fill up that magazine with stories, images, and memories from your travel days, and share it with the world through Flipsnack!

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