Case study: GameStop

By |Published On: August 24th, 2017|Last Updated: February 25th, 2022|

GameStop is a video game and consumer electronics company, headquartered in the US, with retail stores throughout America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe. For today’s case study we talked to Roberto Perre of GameStop Italy. As a web designer assistant, he’s using Flipsnack to create digital catalogs, flyers, and magazines for GameStop.

We noticed that their online publications get lots of views and clicks each month, so we approached Roberto to ask him questions about their marketing strategy and where does Flipsnack fits in it. Perhaps you can learn something from them that will help you achieve higher levels of success with your own publications.

Please tell us a little bit about what you do
Roberto: GameStop is a retailer for video games and merchandise. I’m a web designer assistant, I’ll manage our website, monitoring our social media pages, manage some flyers on Flipsnack, and other stuff.

We noticed that you have a lot of views on your magazines and catalogs. How do you share your catalogs on the web?
Roberto: We share our catalogs on our social pages (like Twitter and Facebook) and on our website, making them easy to reach for all the users.

You get a lot of clicks on your catalogs (an impressive 50k clicks in just 1 catalog last month) so they actually drive traffic to your website!  What do you do to invite people to click on your catalog?
Roberto: We have banners on our website linked directly to all the catalogs, we share them on our social pages several times, especially the monthly flyer with all the promotions (a big part of our customers read it frequently to find out about all the promotions available at the moment online and in-store).

How important are your catalogs in your online promotion strategy?
Roberto: Our catalogs are fundamental for our strategy, we use them to publicize our promotions, to show our customers new products, and give them information about the upcoming titles.

Who is the main target audience of your magazines?
Roberto: Our magazines and catalogs are mainly read by gamers. They give info about videogames promotions, show merchandise linked to games or TV series, and let our customers informed about all the games available in the next months.

What is your favorite thing about Flipsnack?
Roberto: It’s simple and easy to use, allowing us to make flyers in a few steps.

Thank you, Roberto, for taking the time to answer our questions!

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