Getting excited because the big event is coming up soon? No, I’m not talking about your wedding, I’m talking about the business event you wanted to attend for so long?! How about the one that you are organizing yourself? Now I have a question for you. Especially if you are part of the organizing team; how do you make sure you promote it the proper way? Of course, there are tons of different methods and instruments that can work to your advantage and I’m sure that I don’t have the perfect recipe for successful event brochures, but I do know some fundamentals that can help you achieve what you want.

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So, keep on reading to discover 10 tips & tricks you can use, and also some free event brochure templates that you can easily customize in Flipsnack. Let’s get started.

How to make event brochures? 10 tips & tricks

From the catchy headlines and the outstanding images to the bright colors and right content, event brochures should make a huge impact. However, there should be a healthy balance between impactful and informative.

Here are 10 tips & tricks that hopefully will inspire you to create successful brochures:

  1. Create a killer front cover
  2. Put emphasis on the logo
  3. Include the date, location, and any other contact information
  4. Make sure to insert the conditions of participation
  5. Mention the previous event brochures editions
  6. Include the event program’s timetable
  7. Insert a section about speakers
  8. Write about organization and sponsorship
  9. Get the imagery and typography right
  10. Conclude with a call to action

Let’s take them one by one and get into more details.

1. Create a killer front cover

When it comes to event brochures, you should know from the start that a front cover should be eye-catching, bold, and informative. After all, its purpose is to determine people to pick it up and read it. That being said, make sure that you’re going to use striking fonts, bright colors, attractive images, and a noticeable headline. Don’t need to stress about the text part, that’s something that you should leave for the brochure’s other pages. Just stick to delivering the main message.

Here’s an example of how a front cover should look like. As you can see, the headline is catchy, short, and stands out. In my point of view, the headline is the most important part, because you only get one chance to grab your audience’s attention. 

Sample Jazz Event Brochure Front Cover

However, besides the headline, there are also other elements that are attractive and essential. The bright orange color alongside the combination of fonts and the representative black & white image make it a music event brochure that intrigues the readers.

If your event has a logo, take advantage of it and use it wisely. Think about the Olympic Games, Tedx, Le Tour de France, the Untold Festival, and so on. What do all these have in common? They are all events that have been identifying themselves with their logos for years and years. People notice the logos right before they notice the event’s name. Curious to know why?

In a race between written and visual information, the second one wins hands down. Every time! Every single time!

Moreover, it is proven that 93% of our human interactions and communication are visual. Our brain was built to process pictures and visuals 60,000 times faster than any written information. It’s the way we were meant to function. So why go against nature? Use all your weapons in order to win them over. Need I say that there’s a better chance that people will recall it better with the help of a logo? And need I say that Flipsnack allows you to upload your own brand’s logo super easy? 

But where should you insert it to make it as noticeable as possible? My advice is to put it on the left side, in the corner. Make it big and don’t cram it with other information. Just like in this event brochure example over here:

brochure example with custom logo

3. Include the date, location, and any other contact information

That’s right! Nobody wants to feel lost. Not on a trip, nor in life, much less in marketing. It’s a bit extreme, but the main point is that people like to be anchored to dates and places. If you think about it; all stories start with “Remember when we were in {insert location}, and it was the {insert date} and we did {insert activity}”. That is how people’s minds work.

And you want to work with their minds, not against them. You have to follow their flow of thinking.

Therefore, make sure that you emphasize the date and location of your event. Add them on the front cover, write them in bold or with a bright colour, or even highlight them. However you prefer in terms of design. For instance, in this event brochure example, the date and the location are highlighted in white. Looks pretty cool, right?

sample brochure with location

But that’s not all when it comes to this tip. You can go the extra mile and embed a map with the precise location on the back cover of your digital brochure. This way, you make sure that your attendees won’t get lost on the way.

However, it’s not enough to introduce only the date and location. Your readers deserve to know all the other contact details, in case they have further questions. Make sure that your company/brand’s name, website, email address, telephone number, and social media accounts are visible in your cultural event brochure. Oh, I almost forgot! Don’t forget to add a QR, so that readers can find out more information immediately online.

brochure with contact information example

4. Make sure to insert the conditions of participation

Any event brochure design should include details regarding the price of the tickets, fees, or conditions of participation. The price of the tickets or any other expenses that the participant would be demanded to give.

Moreover; if you are using an event brochure template, or if you’re taking a look at other event brochure examples looking for inspiration of how to personalize the look of it, you will see that some of them mention deadlines. This could also refer to the date and time of when the tickets are going to be on sale, instructions on how to purchase them, or an incentive that will make people wanna purchase them as soon as possible.

Examples of event brochure design inspiration often include lines like “Don’t miss out on…”, “Apply before…”, “Grab tickets today…”; or other similar lines that intrigue and try to pile out the sense of urgency in the potential participants.

sample brochure with conditions of participations

5. Mention the previous event brochures editions

When confronted with a new experience, and by new, I mean something that is not necessarily a premiere; but it is new for that specific person, people like to check on it first. It’s like checking somebody’s profile before you ask them out on a date, or like looking at the trailer, scores, and reviews before watching a movie.

Think about it; if you’re about to attend an event, you are probably gonna look into it before you actually apply to participate. A well-structured event brochure design should mention any other previous editions so that people can relate to them.

first and second edition event brochure examples

Also, having a history will definitely make people trust the potential of your event even more. If you don’t want to mention any of the other anterior editions, you can at least specify the number of the edition your event has reached.

6. Include the event program’s timetable

You probably saw this coming, but I do highly recommend that the program of the event be included in the brochure design. This section usually takes a big part of the brochure design and it has to be well structured. It’s like reading a map. You expect to get specific directions in order to get to your destination. Or like a menu in a restaurant. Very informative, on point, and clear-cut. You order this, it costs this much.

The programs usually take the form of a table, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be interesting. Flipsnack allows you to insert columns and rows, change the background and the border color, and other special design tricks to make it less boring. This is the part of your event brochure in which a good design will give that little twist to a very informative section. 

Moreover, your readers should be able to easily and quickly access this information, so make sure to be clear, correct, and concise.

event program timetable

7. Insert a section about speakers

One thing’s for sure: your event brochure should dedicate an entire section to your speakers, because they are a key reason many attendees sign up. But there’s also an unwritten rule of how you should organize this section, and it depends on the main point of the event.

For instance, if you’re organizing a conference, you can try to put the focus only on a certain speaker. If your event is targeting car enthusiasts; maybe you can hook them with a couple of revolutionary names of the industry, or an important person from a certain car brand. Whatever your intention is with this event, names make it more personal. 

sample event brochure with speakers section

But go the extra mile and also provide a picture and a short biographical description of each speaker. Attendees are eager to know who they are going to listen to. Especially if the speakers are well-known, rich, or industry leaders.

Also, these speakers of the industry, “celebrities” or innovators might attract a different audience than anticipated. For instance, your speakers might change from one edition to the other and that is perfectly fine.

This gives you the opportunity to keep reinventing your event brochure. The main idea is to take advantage of what your speakers have to offer. Knowledge, recognition, and fan base.

8. Write about organization and sponsorship

A few words about the organizer of the event might be worth mentioning. If you are well known in the industry, mention just a few interesting or funny facts about you. If you are still making a name for yourself, try to offer a descriptive, yet brief introduction. Don’t go overboard; nobody wants to know all the details as long as you give them the main storyline.

Likewise; if you organized a similar event before or you were part of a similar event in the past, it might be worth mentioning. It’s like the authors choose to mention their previous books or bestsellers. Also, if you are not the only one involved in the organization of this event; the names of the partners or sponsors should be pointed out. 

sample event brochure with sponsors section

Use their logos to your advantage. Also, if they are part of the reason why the event is actually taking place, including them in your event brochure is kind of a must, as expressing your gratitude towards them by giving them credit.

9. Get the imagery and typography right

Truth be told, an event brochure without pictures is nothing but a dull piece of paper. People are visual creatures. They get attracted to beautiful, fun, and intriguing things. That’s why you need to insert high-quality and appropriate images associated with the main theme of the brochure. My advice is to avoid the stock photos. Your readers will perceive them as placeholders and won’t enjoy them at all. 

Altogether with the imagery, you need to think of the right typography for your event brochure. I advise you to stick to a maximum of 2 or 3 different fonts. If your company has a signature font, make sure to start from there. You can use it for the entire brochure design, or you can add one or two more to spice up the things a bit.

brand colors uploaded in your event brochure

Speaking of signatures, it’s worth mentioning that both imagery and typography also help you communicate your brand message. Whether you’re referring to fonts, colors, or images, you have to choose them in such a way that they match your brand personality and both the tone and content of your event brochure. 

The great news is that you can totally use Flipsnack in this regard. This platform allows you to upload your own brand colors, fonts, and typography. Save them all as a branding kit, and then make sure to apply all these elements to your entire brochure design. 

10. Conclude with a call to action

Finally, the last tip of this list. I’ve seen that it’s quite a trend these days to insert a call to action on the back cover of your digital event brochure. But besides being a trend, it’s a very good marketing tactic, because a call to action invites people to do something. 

And let’s be honest about this. A well-designed brochure is not enough. If you don’t include a call to action within, then you miss its truest purpose. Never assume that your readers will come to your event just because they enjoy the outstanding visuals or the catchy fonts you’ve inserted in the brochure. It doesn’t work like that. You need to motivate them to get in touch with you and sign up for the event you’re organizing. 

example of a call to action in an event brochure

Therefore, conclude with something like “Register now”, “Visit our website”, or “Email us”. No matter what you’re going to choose, make sure to be as precise as possible, so that your readers know exactly what will happen if they click on the button.

Event brochure templates

Now that you know all these magical tips and tricks, it’s time to put them into action and create your own event brochure with the help of a template. Whether you’re looking for music event brochures, charity event brochures, or even cultural event brochures, you’ll find anything you need by just browsing through our wide gallery of brochure templates

event brochure templates banner

To give you an idea of what you can find in Flipsnack, I’ve made a selection of three different, yet professional event brochures. Feel free to select your favorite and personalize it to your own wish.

Sales Brochure Template

The first one on my list is this sales brochure template. This is the perfect way to announce any sale, big or small. The cool images featuring denim clothing, altogether with the catchy headings and playful fonts make it an event brochure-like no other.

Sales Brochure Template

And the best part about it is that you can customize this brochure to your own needs, regardless of the type of sales you’re organizing. Just make sure to insert a discount in the headline – this is highly important! and to populate this brochure with your most wanted products or services.  Also, add only high-quality and professional photos, with a short description of each product. With Flipsnack, it’s really easy to do it. By inserting product tags, you can write there any further details of your products, and also encourage customers to shop directly from your sales brochure. 

Besides product tags and professional photos, a sales brochure is nothing without its brand logo, fonts and colors. Therefore, make sure to upload them and use them throughout your entire brochure. Your readers need to recognize your brand from the start, so give them this opportunity as many times as you can. 

Before you’re going to launch your sales, make sure to add a call to action on the back cover of your brochure. Write something like “More sales here” or “Hurry up and shop” and link this button to your website. This way, you compel your customers to take action.

Red & white Christmas Brochure Template

Yes, I know, summer is coming, but you know what they say: it’s good to prepare things in advance. That being said, if you’re going to organize a Christmas carols concert, then you should think about choosing this red & white Christmas brochure template from Flipsnack. 

Red & white Christmas Brochure Template

Make it yours within minutes by taking advantage of our powerful Design Studio. You can upload your own fonts and colors, although I highly recommend you keep the red and white colors. In fact, these two are very representative of this holiday. But I suggest you should add your own photos. Realistic images such as those with choirs singing are always a feast to the readers’ eyes. 

And that’s not all that you can do with this event brochure. You should also insert a timetable, so that readers know what to expect. Write exactly what songs are they going to hear, when it’s the coffee break, and so on. Also, don’t forget to include a section with tickets’ price and other conditions of participation. 

Another important thing when it comes to cultural event brochures is that you should clarify the date and precise location of the event. Go the extra mile and embed a map on the back cover of your brochure, so that your readers will be able to find the exact location.

Music Festival Brochure Template

Last, but not least, here is a music festival brochure template from Flipsnack. It comes just handy since summer has just arrived and the season of music festivals begins. 

Music Festival Brochure Template

Take this example over here and transform it exactly how you want. Start by thinking about the main ingredients of a sensational music festival: great music, good food, and fun company. Make sure to emphasize all these on the front cover of your event brochure, so that your readers know from the start what to expect. Write a catchy headline that gives you a hint of what type of music is going to be, and also mention that there’s food, cold drinks, and the possibility to have fun while being in your friends’ company.

Then, you should focus on inserting some cool and professional photos from the previous editions. People enjoy seeing real things. And they’re also eager to know how the previous music festival editions were organized. 

Besides the photos, the content part and the way you’re transmitting the information is also important. Assure yourself to create a special section for the performers, sponsors, schedule, and whatever else you find necessary. Also, insert all the contact details regarding the date and location of the event. Highlight them or bold them so that they’re easy to find.

Right before you hit the publish button and share your music festival brochure with the entire internet, keep in mind to insert a call to action on the back cover. Something like “Buy tickets here” would be a great example and it could lead to your website. Also, insert some social media buttons, so that people follow you on every channel.

Create your own event brochure in Flipsnack

Thanksgiving Bi Fold Brochure Template

So far, so good. I’ve given you 10 tips & tricks that help you design a successful event brochure, and then I’ve also shared with you some templates from our beautiful collection. The next step right now is to make your pick and start customizing. But how are you supposed to do that if you’ve never designed an event brochure before? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you ‘till the end.

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to create your own digital brochure in Flipsnack. It’s super easy, you’ll see!

  1. First thing first…sign up to Flipsnack and then choose your template. Let’s take this Thanksgiving bi fold brochure template. As we mentioned, it’s good to plan things in advance. And with just a blink of an eye, November will be here sooner than you think. 
  2. Seeecond, start with the front cover. Upload a stunning and representative photo, then write a catchy and inviting headline something like “Join our mouth-watering Thanksgiving”. 
  3. Then, insert the event’s program with the meals and activities that are going to happen. Make sure to highlight them with a bright color such as orange or light pink or bold them in order to be noticed with ease by the potential attendees. My advice is to choose a simple and clear Serif font.
  4. Upload other professional and good-looking photos featuring some goodies, so that people say yes to your event. If you can’t find anything suitable enough, you could take advantage of our stock photos. Or, add an extra layer of interactivity and upload stock videos with appetizing desserts and steak.
  5. On the back cover of your event brochure, make sure to add the exact date and location. Include a map if you think it will help people find you easier. 
  6. As a final step, share your event brochure with future attendees directly via email or on social media and wait for them to respond.

Final thoughts

Thank you for sticking with me ‘till the end. Hopefully, you now have formed a pretty good idea of what an ideal event brochure design should contain and look like. Even though these are some tips & tricks that I consider worth including; you can work around them and insert what you think it’s important and appropriate for your event. Just choose a template from our wide collection, and let your creativity speak for itself. 

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