double page layouts

If you’re new to the publishing world or just never put a name to what you were already doing, you might ask yourself what is editorial design? If you publish content regularly, try to maintain a creative unity across all your content and have a strategy to share this content with your readers then you’re already practicing editorial design.

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InDesign covers and layouts

This is the 4th part of the series named “ How to design a catalog using InDesign”, and it is focused on how to create the front cover, layouts and the back cover. This approach is focused more on design principles. For more technical information check Part 2 – Adding elements   Cover The cover […]

PPT presentation

Have you ever attended a boring presentation, where the speaker had too many slides, and they all looked horrible? Have you ever wondered how to make a presentation that doesn’t bore people? Even if you aren’t a designer, knowing how to make a presentation is an incredibly useful skill. Believe it or not, it’s not […]

creative layouts for magazines

A layout is how the content is placed and structured in design. Layouts are important because they help users find the information that they are looking for. Interior design magazines have a specific style for layouts which are created specifically to highlight the amazing interiors. The great news is that you can get as creative […]

Foolproof layout examples

Editorial design is a field of graphic design that includes book design, newspaper publication, magazine design and online media. These publications should communicate clearly through design and images to be successful. Behind every beautiful editorial design there’s a rigorous application of grid layouts and visual hierarchies. These rules have the purpose to keep the readers […]

david carson type poster

In a time when all designers were respecting the grid, along came a free spirit who wasn’t afraid to break the rules. His name is David Carson and he is one of the fathers of the Grunge art movement. Let’s discover together the philosophy behind Carson’s style and how we can apply it to our […]

image masks

You know that we love working on Flipsnack. We love making it grow and adapting it to your needs. So today we’re announcing the release of two features that have been requested by you, dear users, for quite some time. Clipping masks – This new feature will allow you to display your photos and images […]