Have you ever thought about how to make a business presentation? That sounds like a pretty daunting task, doesn’t it? There’s a lot of data to not only keep track of, but record. But don’t worry, this article teaches you how to make a business presentation like a pro. See for yourself.

history of Valentine's Day cover

This article digs deeper into the history of Valentine’s Day and presents interesting facts about St. Valentine. It also offers you lots of Valentine’s Day templates that you can use freely! Discover more by reading the entire article.

Business plans and goals 2020

It’s no easy job to organize and make a business plan. Let alone that you also need to stick to it. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep on reading to learn how to set your business goals and make a business plan like a pro!

everyhting you need to know about church bulletins

Church bulletins, also known as service guides, commonly serve as communication tools, broadcasting a variety of information to everyone in attendance. Keep on reading to learn how to create church bulletins that are catchy, interesting, and fascinating for both church members and first-time visitors.

2020 content marketing calendar

Here at Flipsnack, we like to stay ahead of the game with our content marketing calendar. It’s a long-standing tradition of ours that has helped us stay organized form month-to-month throughout the entire year. See for yourself some of the greatest 2020 content marketing calendar ideas!

real estate content marketing

More than ever, content marketing is taking over. Businesses big and small are investing like they never have before in real, meaningful content. But how does that fit into real estate marketing? Keep on reading to discover the depth of this topic.

cover anual report templates

Annual reports are really important and they should be taken into consideration with great significance because throughout them you tell your business’s story. Go the extra mile and create an annual report by choosing a free, annual report template from our beautiful collection!

Internal communication strategy in the digital era cover

Companies with a solid internal communication strategy enjoy the perks of having more engaged employees and a healthy company culture. In other words, internal communication should be one of the main pillars of a company. Read on to discover more important things about this topic.


Holiday marketing is extremely important for every business, as customers are spending more on average than they normally would throughout the year. So what does this mean for you as a marketer? Well, it means you should be prepared for this holiday marketing season. But how? Let’s talk about it.