How to make a marketing plan for investors [free template]

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There are many articles that teach you how to create an effective marketing plan for your business. You can also find lots of marketing plan templates or business plan templates that are almost “ready made”. So we are going to take a slightly different approach. This article is more about teaching you how to write a marketing plan that makes you and your business look good to investors.

3 important reasons to make a marketing plan

  • provide extensive data to investors (this plan might make the difference between getting funds for your startup or not)
  • understand the environment in which the business operates and knows the strategy
  • make sure that the entire marketing and the management dept. are on the same page regarding the strategy, implementation and forecast

Your marketing plan serves a very important purpose. Make sure that you go in-depth enough so that your plan provides actual value. Your marketing plan shouldn’t be just a document that you make because you feel like you have to.

Marketing plan template

Also, you shouldn’t make it longer than necessary, by filling it redundant information. You should be able to do a marketing plan that’s under 15 pages. Which is pretty great, because we have designed a 10-page free marketing plan template. Use it as a starting point and edit it to create an impressive, good-looking marketing plan. It’s up to you to edit all the fields and fill it with data, insights and plans. If you want to see the design first, take a look at the flipbook embedded at the bottom of the post. You can easily edit it online and publish your customized marketing plan on Flipsnack.

Edit online our free marketing plan template

Now we all know that these marketing plans are confidential. You don’t want people outside your team to get their hands on your research or on your plans. They could destroy everything you’ve worked for, or profit from your work. At the same time, you know how important it is to share the plan with your entire marketing team, management and investors. So what are you going to do about it?

Use Flipsnack for your marketing plan

Our suggestion is to get a premium subscription, set your marketing plan to “unlisted” when you publish, and add a password. This way, only the people that you have shared the link and the password with will be able to view your marketing plan. With a premium subscription you’ll also be able to download your marketing plan brochure as PDF on your computer, for print.

Edit online your marketing plan

If you already have your marketing plan for investors ready, you can simply upload it as PDF on Flipsnack. The page flip effect will give it an extra touch of brilliance, which will make your plan look more polished and professional. The presentation is very important in some cases, and this is one of them.

How often do you update and review the marketing plan in your company? Let us know in comments!

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