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“Where did I put that paper?!? I know it was here somewhere…” Does this sound familiar?
Remember your college days during exams (or maybe you’re there right now), when you had tons of notes spread all over your room in a chaos? Truth is,  that load of paper wastes your time and tries your patience.

OK, I am sure you can think of a lot of benefits for keeping your documents on a computer. Why wouldn’t you? The files are easier to access and can be read anytime. Moreover, all that paper doesn’t take the space in your drawer – perfect!

But you can do even more when it comes to organizing your space. If you put your things into categories and convert them into PDF files, you end up with a pretty insightful flipbook and no longer need all that paper. There are many programs you can use to easily convert files into PDFs. Give Open Office, PDF Online and PrimoPDF a try.

First, log in to Flipsnack.
Upload at once all the PDF files from your computer that you want to be merged.
Customize the size, background color and order of your files, so you can have the best flipbook according to your preferences.

Here is what one of my flipbooks looks like:

Hope you find this useful!

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