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Booklet is a pretty generic term, covering everything from digital album booklet, children’s bedtime story books, brochures, reports and CD/ DVD inserts. This is why there’s a wide range of booklets: square, landscape and portrait, digital booklets and printed, shorter and bigger (in number of pages).


Tips for stunning booklet design

Today’s post is about booklet design, so I’m going to share with you some tips that work for all types of booklets, no matter the type.

1. Set a clear objective

Think about why you design the booklet and who you design it for. A digital album booklet will look totally different from a report or a short children’s book. Keep that in mind throughout the entire design process.

2. Plan

Next step is to organize the content by chapters or sections. Then go to the next level and organize the content by pages. It will be easier afterwards to focus on just one page at a time, while having the big picture in mind.
The longer the booklet, the more work you’ll have to do. However, you can apply some of the layouts to multiple pages, which will simplify your work to a certain degree. For example, you should use the same layout for all chapter pages. It will impose a certain rhythm on your booklet, making it easier for readers to understand its structure.

3. Be consistent

Consistency is the number one rule for booklet design. To get a cohesive, professional look in your booklet design, you need to be consistent with a number of things: page margins, fonts, spacing, colors, visuals.
You shouldn’t use many fonts in your design. Work with 1-2 fonts that go well together for the entire booklet: one for titles and one for paragraphs.
Make a color palette that compliments your visuals before you start designing. You will find that very useful once you start working on your booklet layouts.

4. Design double layouts

When people will read your booklet they will see double layouts. So you should design exactly what the readers will see, to get the best results.

5. Export for web and for print

You need different export settings for web and for print.
For print you need crop marks, creep allowance and high quality images, while the web version requires a smaller PDF that loads quickly. Read about export settings for web PDF for InDesign booklets.
Digital booklet printing is possible, but if you want the best results and high quality, you’re advised to make 2 different versions, for digital and print, with different export settings.


Stunning booklets that are easy to design

This is where we share with you some examples, some layout ideas, and a booklet template made in InDesign. You’ll find them useful and inspiring, we promise.

Multi-purpose booklet template

travel brochure template
This is a free booklet / brochure template made by one of our designers. It’s perfect for short business booklets or informative brochures. It’s also very easy to customize, if you’ve used InDesign before.
Download it from here

Booklet layouts

These are all layouts that can be used in various projects of editorial design, because they create nice visual effects. If you just need to see more ideas for your booklet projects, this is where you need to go next:
See more layouts for booklet designs

You’ve seen some templates and some booklet layout ideas above, but we can also show you some examples of real, published digital booklets.
Click on the images below to see the entire booklet, all pages.

Story booklet:

story booklet

Finance booklet:

finance booklet

Digital album booklet:


Booklet design software

If you already know what you want to create you might only be interested in booklet design software. Experienced designers use Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher or PagePlus. These are great tools for editorial design, but rather complex, so you might be looking for a tool that is easier to use.

If that’s your case, you’re in luck, because we happen to have a very easy to use cloud-based software for booklet design. It’s basically a drag and drop editor, packed with editable page layouts that you can use to design each page of your booklet.

By using our page templates you will get a professional look with little effort. With our booklet design software, you don’t need to have a design diploma to get beautiful and professional layouts. It’s the fastest way to create booklets.

There’s also an option to start from blank pages.

Whatever your choice may be, you will end up with a digital booklet that you can edit as many times as you want. You can also download your work as digital booklet PDF, so you can take it to print afterwards. Get the best of both worlds with digital and printed booklets!

We’re hoping you found this useful!
Leave us a comment if you have questions or comments.

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