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Just to be clear from the beginning, I’m talking about the navigation effect – how the page turns on digital books and magazines (not about Flipsnack and Slidesnack, both great Snacktools products).

Flip effect:

The flip effect is great because it makes the magazine or book look and feel like a real printed one and you can add to that a page flip sound to make it seem even more real. From our users perspective, the page flip effect is the winner, especially for desktops and laptops.

Slide effect:

People consume media today on different devices: desktops, tablets and smartphones. Ebooks and magazines that have a slide effect on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) provide a better user experience, so when you publish a magazine, you should acknowledge the range of devices people are using.

The good news is that you can have the best of the both worlds! With Flipsnack you will use the flip effect on desktops and then choose your desired effect for mobiles (in landscape mode): flip or slide. We recommend using the slide effect for mobile devices.

Do you prefer the flip effect or the slide?

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  1. Love the “flip” effect, too! Wish FlipSnack would add the “flipping” sound back so that it has the cool effect, but for anyone who is looking for it, you can find other online e-publishers who will do it through a simple google search. I plan to wait until FlipSnack adds it back and go with them though, because I love their platform and features the most!


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