How to design a magazine like Kinfolk – free template

By |Published On: August 4th, 2016|Last Updated: August 24th, 2022|

Kinfolk is an independent magazine that became a huge worldwide phenomenon. This genre of publication is for people who enjoy dinners with friends and garden parties. It’s for those who love their community and simplicity. Learn how to design a magazine like Kinfolk starting from our free template.

There are some specific principles that make this genre one of a kind. Kinfolk sticks to the rules of a basic magazine, but the layout style, the photography colors and how the text is placed make all the difference. Here are some ideas on how to create a magazine online, and you can even start from our free minimalist magazine template. Edit it online, then download your magazine design as PDF on your computer.

But before you proceed to edit our template, perhaps you should first read about what makes Kinfolk unique and how you can make a similar magazine design.

Kinfolk – inspired photography

If you want to design a magazine like Kinfolk you already know that all the photos have a specific style. The layouts are minimalistic, so the imagery pops out, even though the colors of the photos are faded. The images show everyday moments like mornings, dinner, evenings in a natural light.

Look for this kind of photos on free stock sites or just take them yourself. You can create a grid and you can easily change the images with an image mask in the Flipsnack editor, just by using drag and drop. You can try it using this free minimalist magazine template.

kinfolk magazine

Kinfolk style magazine cover

The cover is the most important part for any kind of publication. It has to be catchy and make the reader curious to discover what’s inside the magazine.

The Kinfolk cover is very simple and it contains the following elements:

  • The name of the magazine – on the top of the page, bold and visible
  • A conceptual photography that is relevant to the content of the magazine
  • The main articles and stories of the current edition, structured in columns
  • White borders

magazine cover


The best magazine fonts for this sort of publication are both serif and san serif fonts. They usually use a serif font for the headlines, and a san serif for body copy.

White space

White space is a necessity for Kinfolk because it keeps the layout clean and organized. Follow their example and don’t add unnecessary stuff. Having a white space or a “breathing space” helps our eyes focus on what is important. This way, we will notice the beautiful images first and then we will read the articles.

Now that you know the rules of creating Kinfolk like magazines, you can try it yourself. We designed a template to simplify the process for you, and you can see it below:

Use this template if you want to start an online magazine. It’s very easy and it looks so cute!


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