enhanced ebooks

Here’s a quick question for you: What ebook maker lets you create flipbooks that you can read, watch and listen to – all in one? If your answer is Flipsnack, then you’re right! It’s all possible when you embed video in PDF with Flipsnack. Embed video in PDF with Flipsnack One of the coolest things […]

Make flipbook from scratch

Starting today, we have new features for you in Flipsnack. You can create every page of your flipbook right within our content editor (start from scratch) or you can edit your existing PDF by adding elements on it. To access the new editor go to flipsnack.com, click  “create from scratch” in menu. You can also […]

conversion is faster

Tired of waiting for your files to convert? Then you’ll love the new & improved Flipsnack which does the fastest conversion you can find! But that’s not all, because the new technology is not just about speed. It also delivers better results, with fewer conversion errors. We knew how boring it is to wait, wait, wait […]

how to create digital flipbook

So you’re ready to create your first flipbook and you need some help learning how to make a flipbook animation. Before I tell you all the steps you should follow to create the flipbook, we’ll have to do a little disambiguation. There are 2 very different types of flipbooks, and I don’t know which one […]

fix PDF conversion errors

Unfortunately not all PDF files can be converted into flipbooks. The reasons can be different each time, but the problem is usually easier to fix than we think. So, rather than going into details about the cause of the problems, I’ll focus on what each error means and what you can do. We recently implemented […]

convert PDF into flipbook

We have one of the best PDF to flipbook convertors on the market. It’s fast and it’s reliable. However, it might still have some hiccups every once in a while, if there’s a problem with the PDF itself. In some cases the entire PDF file is not converted properly and you end up seeing some […]

upload images catalog

We are excited to announce that we’ve added new features in Flipsnack. We hope you will enjoy it even more and expand on the things you do with it. So here are some of the changes: 1. Upload You’re not limited to PDF files only anymore. You can upload images as well in one of […]

internal links in PDF

UPDATE: Now you can use Flipsnack’s online editor to add internal links in your PDF flipbooks or magazines. We’ve recently presented 4 ways to hyperlink a PDF and now it’s time to talk about internal links in PDFs. Internal links are references to other sections of the same document. For example, you can have a page […]

how to hyperlink PDF

UPDATE: Now you can just upload your PDF in Flipsnack and add the links within our editor. No need to install anything on your computer or learn how a new complicated software works. Let me present you three simple and smart ways in which you can hyperlink a PDF with Flipsnack: Hyperlink layer. Once you […]