Everyone say your goodbyes to the Summer and welcome her auburn sister, Autumn. First month of the fall is almost here and it comes bearing gifts. We have three September 2018 wallpaper calendars for you to keep you warm and inspired. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Use one as a desktop background, one on […]


Knowing how to create high-quality, print-ready PDF files is essential if you plan to print and publish something. To acquire a similar quality as in digital format, there are some settings you must take care of first. Take advantage of our useful insights, they might save you plenty of time and money. Keep on reading!

sell pdf files

Thinking of increasing your income? Here’s a crazy idea: sell PDF files online. It might not be as easy as it sounds but some online platforms made an effort to help you. Therefore, if you want to sell PDF files my research could be very useful to you. Take a look!

white label solution cover

Which is the best white label solution for you? Well if you want to publish something look no further because ours matches your needs perfectly. Simply buy or upgrade to our Elite subscription and enjoy the product we created as if you made it yourself. See how you can do this!

Cover menu templates

Opening an eatery, be it a bistro or a fine dining restaurant, demands a lot of effort and resources. Unfortunately, these businesses fail to thrive or even survive due to poor management and bad planning. As per usual, the folly is in the details such as the menus. Discover 4 menu templates that will save your business. Thank us later!

How to create a virtual bookshelf

Did you know that Flipsnack lets you display your flipbooks in a virtual bookshelf? Well it does and so far it did a good job. However we wanted it to do a great job. Under these circumstances we approached the matter, as we always do, by stepping into your shoes. So find out what we […]

June 2018 wallpaper calendar

We’ve all been waiting for June to return and here she is. Start drinking plenty of water though or even better squeeze some lemon zest in it for a refreshing kick. But you’re not here to receive advice. You’re here for the June 2018 wallpaper calendar. Since this is a bountiful month we thought it […]

digital photo album

Nowadays, with the help of digital cameras and smartphones, we can take digital photos that almost match the same quality rendered only by the human eye. So what do we do with these perfect snapshots? I think we should put them where they belong. In a digital photo album. Learn how to create a gorgeous photo album where you can stick all your professional photos.

Self-publish children's ebooks on Flipsnack

Writing children’s books can be a very ambitious endeavor for everyone. I say this because when it comes to the little munchkins, one should know how to keep their attention. It’s not easy but with Flipsnack all of you who aspire to become the new J.K. Rowling can do much more than that. You actually can self-publish your children’s ebooks! Let’s see how!